Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units

Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units
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8th Mar 2023 11:20

You may want to know the Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units for each faction, so you know what units you should always field. Company of Heroes 3 has a wider range of infantry and vehicle units than the previous games, offering a variety of tactics and strategies you can employ by combining units. So, if you're looking to know the top-tier vehicles, check out our list of the Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units. 

Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units

British Forces

Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units british forces
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Churchill Black Prince

The Churchill Black Prince is an excellent late-game option for the British Forces, requiring you to invest in the British Armored Battlegroup, and then drop 690 Manpower, 180 Fuel, and 20 Pop. Despite the heavy cost it takes to field this powerful tank, it's by far the best British vehicle, and a force to be reckoned with. 

It has one of the highest health pools of all vehicles, and has a combination of anti-infantry, anti-vehicle, and anti-tank weaponry, causing it to excel against all units regardless of the situation. Its self-repair ability is also the cherry on top. 

M3 Grant Medium Tank

This is a cheaper option for the British tanks, and while it doesn't have the potential of the Churchill Black Prince, it comes with a powerful combination of anti-vehicle and anti-infantry capabilities. It's a perfect mid-game tank that can give the edge you need to start pushing for the win. 

US Forces

Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units us forces
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M3 Armored Personnel Carrier 

This is one of the most versatile vehicles in the game, giving you a lot of options with its upgrades and with its functionality. Firstly, as a personnel carrier, you can quickly transport infantry units across the map at speed, which is key for keeping up with the fast pace of battle. 

Secondly, it comes with various upgrades, letting you convert it into an anti-infantry M16 Motor Carriage, a 75mm Anti Tank Motor Carriage, or an M3 Armored Medical Half Track. The options here are what make it special, letting you adapt to the needs of the current situation. 

M8 Scott SPG

The M8 Scott SPG is a powerful anti-infantry and anti-structure vehicle that can perform long-range barrages with its 76mm light howitzer. This lets it stay back, shelling heavily fortified enemy positions so that your other troops will have an easier time on the attack. Its role is especially key as the US Forces are an infantry-focused faction, allowing you to play to their strengths. 


Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units wehrmacht
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Flakpanzer Wirbelwind

The Flakpanzer Wirbelwind is a tank that comes equipped with two anti-air guns, making it excellent at dealing with recon planes or bomber planes, but more surprisingly, these rapid-fire anti-air guns are also one of the best weapons in the game for dealing with infantry. 

As a vehicle, it's fairly cheap and easy to build early in the game, and comes with high sustainability and damage, allowing you to stop any infantry in their tracks. As the enemy gains more vehicles it becomes less impactful, but as an early-to-mid-game vehicle, it lets you lay the foundation of a win. 

8-Rad Armored Car

The 8-Rad Armored Car is a scouting vehicle that's incredibly unique, as it's the only heavily armoured vehicle in the game which can capture points, making it an excellent option for pushing on contested points. 

It's part of the Mechanized Battlegroup, but it's cheap, and with its extra abilities like Smoke Cannisters, it helps out your nearby infantry units by obscuring their movements. 


Company of Heroes 3 best vehicle units afrikakorps
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Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team

The Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team is a rapid scout unit that excels at zipping around the map gaining information on enemy movement and placements, capturing points, and laying traps. 

As a unit that's available from the Headquarters, it's a great choice to field them first so you can secure an early lead by capturing points. Even in the later stages of a game, they remain useful as they can avoid bigger vehicles with their speed. 


The Flammpanzer is a fully unique vehicle to the Afrikakorps faction, with no alternative in the other factions. It's part of the Armored Support Battlegroup, requiring three Command Points. 

Its name makes it pretty clear what the gimmick here is, but if you aren't aware, it's just a big, mobile flamethrower that sprays jets of fire across the battlefield. It does massive amounts of damage to infantry and non-armoured vehicles, and will often cause the enemy to just run away rather than facing the wrath of the flame. 

That's all for our rundown of the best Company of Heroes 3 vehicle units, and now you know some of the top-tier vehicles in each faction.

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