Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list

Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list
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Tarran Stockton


7th Mar 2023 14:37

You might want to know the Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list, so you know each and every unit that you can field with this brand-new Axis faction. Company of Heroes 3 is the newest entry in the iconic CoH real-time strategy franchise, taking the battlefield to both the Italian and North African fronts. 

With these new locations, it provides Relic with a chance to introduce a new faction, which is where the mechanised Deutsches Afrikakorps comes into play. So, take a look at our full breakdown of the Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list. 

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Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list

Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units list
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The Afrikakorps is the German expeditionary force that was stationed in North Africa during WWII, and the only completely new faction in Company of Heroes 3. They specialise in mechanised warfare, making them a deadly, mobile faction that can quickly get in and out of engagements. 

We'll cover all the Deutsches Afrikakorps units below, broken up by buildings and the battlegroup mechanic.

Headquarters units

  • 250 Light Carrier
  • Panzerpioneer Squad
  • Panzergrenadier Squad
  • Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team

Light Support Kompanie units

  • Assault Grenadier Squad
  • MG34 Team
  • 2.5-tonne Medical Truck
  • le.IG 18 Supprt Gun Team
  • Pak 38 Anti-tank Gun Team
  • Flakvierling Half-track

Mechanized Kompanie units

  • 8 Rad Armored Car
  • Marder III H Tank Destroyer
  • 254 Reconneissance Tractor
  • 18-tonne Recovery Half-track
  • StuG III D Assault Gun

Panzermee Kommand units

  • Panzer III L Medium Tank
  • 2.5-tonne Utility Truck
  • Walking Stuka Rocket Launcher

Battlegroup units

  • Guastatori Squad
  • Cannone da 105/28 Howitzer
  • L6/40 Tank
  • Bersaglieri Squad
  • Carro Armato M13/40 Tank
  • Semovente DA 75/18 Assault Gun 
  • Command Panzer IV
  • Flammpanzer III Tank

That's the full list of Company of Heroes 3 Afrikakorps units, and now you know exactly what units you can field as the faction. 

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