Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units

Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units
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24th Feb 2023 15:52

You may want to know about the Company of Heroes 3 best infantry units, as there are a bunch of units to select from across the four factions. While many factions share similar unit archetypes in Company of Heroes 3, such as engineers or MG teams, there are plenty of unique infantry in the game that change up how you can play.

If you want to know the Company of Heroes 3 best infantry units for each faction, so you have an idea of which units you should focus on building, we've got you covered.

Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units

It's worth noting that due to some infantry units being available for multiple or all factions with very minor differences between them, we won't repeat why we've included them on this list unless there is something unique about them worth mentioning. We'll make sure to indicate when this is the case.

British Forces

Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units british forces
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Royal Engineer Section

The Royal Engineer Section is a powerful and versatile infantry unit that provides a lot of support benefits to the rest of your army, while also putting out some pretty good damage to enemy infantry.

One of their best aspects is that they can build defences, such as sandbags, barbed wire, tank traps, and even anti-infantry and anti-tank mines. This makes them brilliant whenever you are on a defensive mission, and they are masterful at making capture points more secure.

It's also worth noting that they can repair vehicles, buildings, and bridges, which is imperative for staying in the fight. Lastly, they have the ability to equip flamethrowers when upgraded, which can decimate an infantry unit without any cover.

Vickers Machine Gun Team

Machine Gun teams have always been super powerful in the Company of Heroes series, and it remains the same for the Vickers Machine Gun Team in this game. It's a four-man unit where two of them operate a powerful stationary machine gun, and the other two defend, taking over duties if one of the gunners dies.

Their biggest strength comes in their ability to cover a 100 degree area and fully protect it from infantry. Firstly, they do tonnes of damage and can quickly take a whole infantry unit or even a light vehicle out quickly. Secondly, they have the ability to suppress enemies, which causes them to drop into a prone position and stops them from being able to move or use abilities unless they retreat.

They are potentially the most powerful defensive infantry unit for the British Forces, and with some savvy manoeuvring, you can use them to cover enemy choke points and lay down suppressing fire as your other units move in.

ML 4.3-inch Heavy Mortar Team

The ML 4.3-inch Heavy Mortar Team is a unit wholly unique to the British Forces, and is part of the Indian Artillery Battlegroup, which is an ability tree of sorts you can work through with Commander Points earned in real-time battles.

This unit is four-man strong, with two operating the mortar gun, and two others providing protection. They differ from the standard mortar units that can be built by offering a larger range of fire, more damage, and extra abilities, such as the 4.2-inch Airburst Barrage that deals massive damage.

Having this team provide artillery fire as you move toward enemy choke points is invaluable, and they can thin out entire infantry units and even damage vehicles before your men on the front lines get close.

Gurkha Rifles Section

Another unique British Forces unit that's part of the Indian Artillery Battlegroup is the Gurkha Rifles Section. This is a versatile anti-infantry unit that is fantastic for attacking enemy points due to their special Grenade Assault ability and their Smoke Grenades.

While they equip long-range rifles by default, you can switch them to Thompson SMGs, or have one member equip a Bren LMG, which allows you to be adaptive with them when the situation calls for it.

Lastly, they have one of the strongest passives in the game called Valour, which makes the offensive and defensive capabilities of the unit even better for every member that is killed. This means as a game goes on, they can potentially become even stronger.

Foot Guards Section

Our final choice for the British Forces is another unique unit called the Foot Guards Section, which can be built when you have constructed a Company Command Post. They essentially replace the typical anti-vehicle bazooka teams of other factions.

The Foot Guards Section comes with close-range Thompson SMGs and two M9 Bazookas, making them excellent at destroying vehicles and fighting off any infantry that are close by. They share the Valour passive with the Gurkhas, and have the ability to even stun vehicles for a limited time with their Staggered Shot ability.

US Forces

Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units us forces
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Assault Engineers

The Assault Engineers are essentially the same as the Royal Engineers Section (see above), but they are an improved version of the US Forces Engineer Squad that is part of the Armored Battlegroup. They come with an extra soldier, and have improved HP and offensive power.


The Pathfinders are unique to the US Forces, and are an improved version of another unique infantry unit called the Scout Squads. They are part of the Airborne Battlegroup. This unit has improved vision and movement, making them perfect for scouting out enemy positions behind enemy lines, and watching key points for enemy movement.

They also come with powerful abilities such as the Rifle Grenade and the Smoke Rifle Grenade, which are longer range versions of the standard Grenade and Smokes. They excel at attacking infantry at long-range, and with their Rifle Grenades they can destroy cover and take entire units out with ease.


The Sniper is a lone unit, meaning it only comes with one soldier despite taking up eight population. While they can be costly, they are one of the most powerful anti-infantry units in the game.

Snipers have a much longer range than other units, and when they take a shot, it will instantly kill one of the soldiers in an enemy infantry unit. If they are in full cover and have a height advantage, then they can easily take on a unit all on their own and defend a point from waves of infantry.

They also make great reconnaissance units due to their increased line of sight, making them a great option for feeling out areas of the map while remaining stealthy due to their Veterancy ability.

Paratrooper Squad

The Paratrooper Squad is unique to the US Forces and is part of the Airborne Battlegroup, costing two Commander Points to unlock. What makes this unit unique is that they are airdropped in wherever you select, and can be airdropped behind enemy lines, making them perfect for flanking well-defended points.

They armed with M1A1 carbines, which are strong medium-range weapons, and they can use both Cooked M2 Frag Grenades and Satchel Charges, giving them explosive ordinance against infantry, vehicles, and structures.

The Paratrooper Squad is one of the most versatile infantry units in the game for the above reasons, and you can even equip them with two M9 Bazookas or a M1919A6 LMG if you want to specialise into anti-vehicle or anti-infantry combat.

Captain Retinue

The Captain Retinue is an excellent support unit, and what they lack in offensive abilities, they make up with versatility and powerful abilities. To build them, you need to upgrade your HQ with an Infantry Support Center, which instantly deploys one, and gives you the option to build more if the initial unit dies.

Their weaponry is fairly varied, possessing two M1 Garand Rifles, a Thompson SMG, and an M1919A6 LMG. This means this unit can cover every range, and put out a lot of damage with their guns.

Where the Captain Retinue really excels is their support abilities though. Firstly, their Leadership passive allows them to increase the XP gain of nearby infantry. Secondly, there Rally To Me! ability can designate them as a retreat point, so if you retreat with other units, they won't run all the way back to base. This allows you to get them back into combat quicker and keep up the pressure.

Finally, their Veterancy upgrades allow you to either call in artillery barrages or mark vehicles to take extra damage, depending on how you want to specialise.


Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units wehrmacht
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Fallschirmpioneer Squad

The Fallschirmpioneer Squad is an improved version of the Pioneer Squad, which is the Wehrmacht version of the Royal Engineers Section, and they can be paradropped on the battlefield as part of the Luftwaffe Battlegroup.

They have pretty much the same construction and repair abilities as the Royal Engineer Section (see above), but they automatically come with the ability to minesweep, have Satchel Charges for damaging structures and vehicles, and can be equipped with either the MG 15 LMG or the GrB 39 Grenade Launcher depending on what type of offensive capabilities you want them to possess.


The Wehrmacht Sniper is pretty much the same as the US Forces version (see above), with the exception that they have the Pinning Shot ability, which lets them suppress an entire infantry unit, and they wear a cool mask.

MG 42 Machine Gun Team

Again, the MG 42 Machine Gun Team is essentially the same as the Vickers Machine Gun Team that the British Forces possess (see above).

The major difference, however, is that they can use White Phosphorus rounds, which increases penetration and makes them particularly adapt against light and medium vehicles. This means they are a powerful anti-infantry and anti-vehicle unit when played right.

Jäger Squad

The Jäger Squad is an infantry unit unique to the Wehrmacht that can be built after constructing the Luftwaffe Kompanie building. They are an elite unit that comes armed with long-range G43 Rifles, making them perfect for defending a point with a height advantage.

They are also excellent at ambushing due to their Smoke Grenades and their Veterancy ability, Ambush Tactics, which lets them camouflage when stationary, so you can pounce on unsuspecting enemies in the open.

The Jäger Squad can also be upgraded further with a Panzerschrek for taking out vehicles, especially tanks, or two scoped versions of the G43 Rifle, turning them into semi-snipers, just with less range. With the latter upgrade, they can wreck infantry units all on their own, making them a powerful option for the Wehrmacht.

Stoßtruppen Squad

The Stoßtruppen Squad is another elite infantry unit unique to the Wehrmacht that requires you to construct the Panzer Kompanie. Like the Jäger Squad, they are equipped with G43 rifles, except for one of the soldiers who has a MG 42 LMG., making them adept at all ranges.

Their standout feature is their abilities, as they can use the Stick Grenade Assault where every member throws a grenade at the target location, and the Red Phosphorus Grenade, which blocks line of sight, causes area of effect damage, and damage over time to anyway caught in its midst.

Their Veterancy ability, Shock Assault, is also of note, increasing the unit's offensive and defensive capabilities for a limited-time and making them immune to suppression from MG teams. This, and their previously mentioned abilities, makes them particularly adept at shock tactics and assaulting defence points.


Company Of Heroes 3 Best Infantry Units afrikakorps
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Panzerpioneer Squad

The standard infantry unit for the Afrikakorps is the Panzerpioneer Squad, and due to this faction's focus on vehicles, there isn't much choice infantry-wise. However, the infantry units have some of the best benefits in the game, as the Panzerpioneers can repair vehicles, and they provide combined arms bonus when stationed near combat vehicles.

With their long-range Kar98k rifles, they also have the range advantage over most of the standard infantry units of other factions.

Panzergrenadier Squad

The Pansergrenadier Squad is essentially the same as the Panzerpioneer, down to the weapons and vehicle repair ability, however they also possess grenades and can snare vehicles, making them great ambushers against both infantry and vehicle units.

MG34 Team

The MG34 Team is pretty much the same as the other MG teams in the other factions (see above), meaning they can suppress infantry units to stop enemy pushes, making them one of the best defensive units you can field.

Guastatori Squad

The Guastatori Squad is part of the Italian Infantry Battlegroup, allowing you to supplement the Afrikakorps with some Italian units. They are a powerful support unit, who are most effective at close range, and their ability to use flamethrowers only makes them stronger in the chaotic battles.

They work well on defence too, as they can build traps and defences like sandbags, barbedwire, tank traps, mines, and more.

Bersaglieri Squad

Finally, we have the Bersaglieri Squad, who are part of the Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup. They're a great mainline, anti-infantry unit who excel at mid-to-long ranges, and they are equipped with powerful OTO Mod.35 grenades which deal big area of effect damage. 

With their Battlegroup upgrades, you can also increase their squad size and deploy an LMG to one of them, making them monsters against other infantry units. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Company of Heroes 3 best infantry units, and now you know which US Forces, British Forces, Wehrmacht, and Afrikakorps units you should be fielding in battle. 

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