Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units list

Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units list
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7th Mar 2023 17:40

You might want a full breakdown of the Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units list, so you know every unit that you can field with the powerful army of the Third Reich. The latest Company of Heroes entry has more factions than ever, which all come with their own unique units, abilities, and strengths. 

The key to learning the game is starting with the different units that you can either field or fight against, so check out the full Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units list. 

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Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units

Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units
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The Wehrmacht was the official army of Nazi Germany, and in Company of Heroes 3, they are an advanced, robust, and strong fighting force capable of digging in and defending against any opposition. They particularly excel at soaking up an assault before striking out in a counterattack, leaving the enemy weak and routed. 

We'll cover all the Wehrmacht units below, broken up by buildings and the battlegroup mechanic.

Headquarters units

  • Kettenkrad Recon Vehicle
  • Pioneer Squad

Infanterie Kompanie units

  • Grenadier Squad
  • MG 42 Machine Gun Team
  • GrW 34 Mortar Team
  • Sniper

Luftwaffe Kompanie units

  • Jager Squad
  • 221 Scout Car
  • Flak 30 Anti-aircraft Gun Team
  • Marder III M Tank Destroyer
  • Wirbelwind Flakpanzer

Panzergrenadier Kompanie units

  • Pak 40 Anti-tank Gun Team
  • Panzergrenadier Squad
  • 251 Medium Carrier
  • StuG III G Assault Gun
  • Nebelwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher Team

Panzer Kompanie units

  • Stoß║×truppen Squad
  • Panzer IV Medium Tank
  • Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar

Battlegroup units

  • 8 rad Armored Car
  • Panther Tank
  • Wespe Artillery
  • Tiger Tank
  • 2.5-tonne Cargo Truck
  • Fallschirmjager Squad
  • Fallschirmpioneer Squad

That's the full list of Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units, and now you know all the different units you can field for this army. 

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