How To Take Monte Cassino In Company Of Heroes 3

How To Take Monte Cassino In Company Of Heroes 3
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22nd Feb 2023 09:00

You'll want to know how to take Monte Cassino in Company of Heroes 3, as it's one of the most important places to capture during the Italian campaign, allowing you to make the final push toward Rome. 

Company of Heroes 3 takes players to the WWII fronts of Italy and North Africa in two separate campaigns, with the former taking place on a dynamic campaign map where you can choose how to progress. 

There are several key points in the Italian campaign that can be tackled in different ways, but taking control of Monte Cassino can be one of the most difficult. So, take a look at how to take Monte Cassino in Company of Heroes 3.

How To Take Monte Cassino In Company Of Heroes 3

How To Take Monte Cassino In Company Of Heroes 3
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The objective to take Monte Cassino appears near the end of the Italian campaign, as it's key for breaking the Gustav Line and pushing further towards Rome and winning the campaign. 

However, it's not as simple as just directing a division toward Monte Cassino and beginning the mission, as you will need to meet some criteria first. Before you can begin the battle of Monte Cassino, you need to complete one of the four following objectives:

  • Reconnoiter Monte Cassino
  • Bombard Monte Cassino
  • Secure the Adriatic Coast
  • Silence the heavy railroad artillery

The first objective relates to using one of your planes to perform the Recon Loiter ability over the area, which removes the fog of war, reveals enemy forces, and marks them for attack. 

The second refers to either using your ships and planes to bombard Monte Cassino yourself or waiting 10 turns from when the objective to take it first appears, which causes Allies to bombard it. 

For the third objective of securing the Adriatic Coast, you will need to capture all the ports along the eastern side of the map, which includes Bari, Barletta, Termoli, and Ortona. 

Finally, to silence the heavy railroad artillery, you will need to take part in the mission in Anzio, which is a western port. Due to the Gustav Line, getting here can be difficult, but you can either capture Terracina first, or deploy one of your divisions to a ship, and land them at the beach next to Anzio. 

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Remember that you don't need to do all of these to unlock the mission to capture Monte Cassino, just one, but it's worth noting that the choice you make can have an effect on which characters have loyalty to you. 

For example, if you let the bombardment of Monte Cassino happen, Eleonora Valenti will lose loyalty for you, and you may not have her support for the final offensive to break the Winter Line. 

Once you have unlocked the ability to capture Monte Cassino, move one of your divisions there and complete the mission. It involves you first capturing the town below, and then assaulting the monastery at the top of the hill.

That's all for our walkthrough of how to take Monte Cassino in Company of Heroes 3, and now you know what objectives you need to meet before you can begin the mission.

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