Can You Play Rainbow Six Extraction Solo?

Can You Play Rainbow Six Extraction Solo?
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Aaron Bayne


25th Jan 2022 10:32

Can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo? The latest co-op shooter from Ubisoft is all about squading up with teams of three to take on the hordes of Archaean aliens, but still players are keen to know whether Rainbow Six Extraction can be played in solo. Players are able to play some elements of Rainbow Six Siege solo, but does that feature carry over into Extraction? In this article, we are going to clear up if you can play Rainbow Six Extraction solo. 

Can You Play Rainbow Six Extraction Solo? 

Can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo menu
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To cut to the chase on whether you can play Rainbow Six Extraction solo, the answer is yes. While the quick play options will put you into matchmaking, and it is certainly encouraged that you do play with a squad, it is possible to play on your own. Once you have selected a location - New York, San Francisco, Alaska, Truth Or Consequences - you are also able to select which subzone you would like to start in. This option can be found within the location menu below quick play and studies. Select any one of the three hot-zones to jump into solo play. 

These options are great for when you want to quickly jump in for an extraction of an MIA operator, or complete some of the studies, like the Rainbow Six Extraction Sludge study. It is also a great way to grab a quick influx of XP to level up your operators, and even a successful run on the easiest difficulty can boost you up a level. 

Is Solo Mode Too Difficult In Rainbow Six Extraction? 

Can you play Rainbow Six Extraction solo: The extraction gates.
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The fear with playing a co-op game like Extraction in solo, is whether the difficulty is scaled in any way to account for the lack of teammates. Games like Back 4 Blood became utterly unplayable when stuck with the AI companions, and was too closely tied into cooperative play. 

Luckily, that isn't really the case with Rainbow Six Extraction solo mode. Since there is a fine focus on stealth, you can for the most part sneak your way through the objectives, without alerting any of the Rainbow Six Extraction Archaeans. However, objectives are also scaled dependent on difficulty setting and the number of teammates. For example, one objective with a full team requires you to place three foam injectors in a nest, but that number is reduced to one when you are on your own. Additionally, you do not lose out on your extraction bonus, which provides a 30% multiplier for each person extracted successfully, so you will still receive the full 90% if you manage to get out. 

That's all you need to know about whether you can play Rainbow Six Extraction solo. To ensure you are equipped well for solo runs, check our guide on Rainbow Six Extraction best operators, Rainbow Six Extraction best REACT tech, and Rainbow Six Extraction best guns


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