MW2 Meta Weapons: Best Guns In Modern Warfare 2

MW2 Meta Weapons: Best Guns In Modern Warfare 2
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Harry Boulton


8th Nov 2022 10:03

Understanding what the MW2 meta weapons are can go a really long way in improving your overall play, as it could give that edge you needed to win more gunfights. Your weapon of choice in Modern Warfare 2 can make a real difference when it comes to your performance, as you always want to be at the top of your game. So, to find out the full list of MW2 meta weapons, make sure to keep reading down below.

MW2 Meta Weapons List

While the meta in Call of Duty can and does often change, generally the top-tier guns remain that way for the whole cycle. The usual caveat with some of the weapons in this list is that they don't become meta until you reach a certain set of attachments, or max out their weapon level, so you do have to keep that in mind too. 

You really can't go wrong when choosing any of the guns on this list though, as they will serve you well in pretty much any situation and map in the game. Of course, some weapons will excel in areas that others don't, but there is absolutely a reason why these guns form the most effective tactics available.

So, here's our list of the MW2 meta weapons, in no particular order:


MW2 M4
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The M4 has always been one of the most reliably meta weapons in Call of Duty history, and that status confidently remains within Modern Warfare 2. You just really can't go wrong with the assault rifle, especially as it is one of the default unlocked guns, so you don't even need to jump through any hoops to get it. 

The fast fire rate, combined with minimal recoil make this a solid weapon in pretty much every scenario, allowing you to tackle Modern Warfare 2's gunfights at any range.


MW2 TAQ-56
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The TAQ-56, more commonly known at the 5.56x45mm SCAR-L returns to Call of Duty in full force, being as strong as it was in the original Modern Warfare 2 back in 2010. The TAQ-56's biggest strength is the lack of horizontal recoil, meaning all you need to do is pull down and your bullets should hit their target. 

Much like the M4, the TAQ platform iron sights are plenty usable, meaning that another precious attachment slot is freed up for you to optimise the gun even further.

Kastov 762

MW2 Kastov 762
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The Kastov 762 is instantly recognisable as the fan favourite AK, in this case bearing the closest similarity to the AKM. As a Call of Duty classic, it would be unwieldy for the AK to be bad, and you really don't have to worry about that in Modern Warfare 2.

The Kastov 762 is as strong as ever, giving you the confidence to gun down anyone in your path, being the perfect all-rounder, and sitting right at the top of our best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles list.


MW2 Kastov-74U
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Mimicking the AKS-74U, the Kastov-74U has actually emerged as a bit of a surprise powerhouse. When using the right attachments - as shown by Nicholas "Equuip" Viera - the 74U is capable of a two to three-shot headshot kill, which is incredibly strong for a fast fire rate weapon.

Offering the hybrid between assault rifles and submachine guns, the Kastov-74U seems perfectly built for the mobile, close-quarters gunplay of Call of Duty.

Vel 46

MW2 Vel 46
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Operating as probably the best SMG in the game, at least according to our best Modern Warfare 2 SMGs list, the Vel 46 - otherwise known as the MP7, is a monster in-game. You will need to make sure to have the right set of attachments equipped to use it to its full potential, but once you get there it is undeniable how strong the weapon is.

Additionally, much like the M4, the Vel 46 is one of the guns that are unlocked as default, so you can start grinding straight away.

Lachmann Sub

MW2 Lachmann Sub
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Another weapon that benefits massively from the stat boosts of attachments, the Lachmann Sub, more familiarly known as the MP5, is back again as one of the most meta guns in Call of Duty. It does struggle a bit more with ranged gunfights, and the recoil can be a bit difficult to control, but once you manage them then the Lachmann Sub is a force to be reckoned with.

Besides, there are very few weapons more satisfying to use than the good old Call of Duty MP5, and it is made even stronger when wielded by someone with silky movement skills.

FSS Hurricane

MW2 FSS Hurricane
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One of the favourites of the Modern Warfare 2 beta, the FSS Hurricane is just as strong when moving into the full game. One of the biggest benefits of the gun is its base 50-round magazine, which affords a good old spray, or the ability to quickly rack up multiple kills.

Much like the 74U, the Hurricane bridges the gap between assault rifles and submachine guns, but from the opposite side.

SP-R 208

MW2 SP-R 208
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If you've been dropped in one shot in Modern Warfare 2 so far, the chances are that the gun on the other side was the SP-R 208. Being a bolt-action rifle, the SP-R holds the power to one shot to either the head or chest, meaning that if you've got the aim to back it up, it can be an extremely powerful tool.

Without the immediate burden of a sight, you can take out enemies at pretty much any range - just make sure not to miss your first shot.

So, that wraps up this list of the MW2 meta weapons, giving you an idea of what the best guns in Modern Warfare 2 are. If you're needing a different look to your game though, why not check out how to change FOV settings in MW2 with our guide here.

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