Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn: Release date & new map & more

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn: Release date & new map & more
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26th May 2023 17:35

You'll want to know all about Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn, as the latest season for the multiplayer FPS has just been revealed, announcing a new map, weapons, gadgets, and much more. 

Battlefield 2042 was seen as a big failure at launch, with many players writing off the game completely. However, over time it's managed to claw back some good will from the community, with subsequent updates making it more feature-complete. So, if you want to know the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn release date and new content, read on. 

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn release date

The Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn release date was revealed to be June 7, which is just under two weeks after the season was announced. 

Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn new content

The Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn sees a bunch of content being introduced to the game, all of which we'll cover below. You can also see the changes on the Battlefield website.

New map

One of the biggest additions is the brand-new Battlefield 4 map, Reclaimed. This is set in an abandoned industrial facility in Czechia, with much of the fighting taking place on a secret train route. 

The map has a variety of gameplay situations due to dynamic sight lines that change as trees are felled. A derailed crash site allows for vehicle gameplay, while the warehouses and abandoned turbines provide vertical and horizontal gunplay situations. 

Later in Season 5, players will also be able to play the seventh and final reworked launch map, Hourglass. It now features a new route under the main highway, while also providing reduced distances between objectives thanks to improved cover, sight lines, and combat encounter opportunities. 

New weapons and equipment

As part of the roster of Season 5 weapons, you'll see plenty of fan favourites from Battlefield 4, along with some new offensive equipment. The Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn weapons and equipment are:

  • XCE Bar
  • GWE-46
  • BFP.50
  • Phalanx CIWS
  • Spring Grenade
  • Anti-tank Grenade
  • Mini Grenade

All of the new weapons and equipment should provide new gameplay opportunities and strategies players can employ both on the old maps, and the newly added Reclaimed.

Quality of life changes

A number of QoL changes are also coming to Season 5. These are:

  • A new squad management system
  • Vehicle loadout rework
  • Reworked Vault Weapons
  • Thermal tech and Heavy Anti-Air weapon stations
  • Class system update

These changes should improve the general experience and focus on many systems players have been giving feedback on since the launch of the game. 

That's all for our coverage of the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 New Dawn update, and now you know when it's set to launch, and what content will be on offer.

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