Armored Core 6 mech customisation: How to change parts, decals & paint jobs

Armored Core 6 mech customisation: How to change parts, decals & paint jobs
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25th Aug 2023 00:00


Mech customisation in Armored Core 6 allows players to make their ACs their own with different parts, decals, and paint jobs - but how do you do it?

Armored Core 6 is a mech game through and through, recognising the value in allowing players to play out their fantasies of building big robots.

Customisation options in the game range from changing up the parts to the paint job and to decals of your own design, so here is everything you need to know about how Armored Core 6 customisation works.

How to customise your mech in Armored Core 6

Approaching the STRIDER in Armored Core 6
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There are two overall ways to customise your AC in Armored Core 6: changing your parts and applying paint and decals, both of which can be done by heading to the Garage in between missions.

Here you will find the options for changing the weapons and parts of your build, changing up the paint job, and applying decals. While parts are functional and tied to gameplay, paint and decals are not, so you have a lot more freedom with those.

Armored Core 6 parts customisation explained

The parts menu in the Armored Core 6 garage
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The core of customising your Armored Core mech is via parts, which range from weapons to body parts and internals. New parts are unlocked throughout the campaign, giving you both functional and aesthetic options.

A lot of the fun of building your AC is designing it how you want it to be. If you want a light and mobile mech, or a tank on two legs (or four legs, or just literal tank treads), you can do that.

What's so great about this is how the practicality of building your Armored Core ties neatly into the visual design, as you aren't just changing settings to make numbers go up or down - you are building a mech that looks and plays the way you want it to play.

Can you change part appearances in Armored Core 6?

Fighting enemies on a dam in Armored Core 6
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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to apply the look of one part to the stats of another in Armored Core 6, so if you like the look of a certain part, you'll have to use a specific part in order to get it.

Thankfully, trying out parts is easy, as they buy and sell for the same price.

  • While building your Armored Core, be mindful of causing an EN Shortfall

Armored Core 6 paint & decals explained

The paint menu in Armored Core 6
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Here is where we can get more creative, as there are many options when it comes to marking up our ACs in Armored Core 6. There are multiple ways to paint your mech; you can choose one of the premade colour schemes and apply it to the entire machine, apply colour schemes to individual parts, or choose the exact colours you want to use to make a colour scheme of your own.

Armored Core 6 has a detailed colour picker, allowing you to even use RGB values to pick an exact shade, and then replicate it for further use. Each part has multiple sections that can be painted, and they can be painted individually to your taste. When you're done, you can then save your colour scheme for future use, or to give it to a friend.

Decals are another impressively deep area of customisation. There are dozens of premade decals you can choose from and apply to your mech, or you can create your own. The decal creator gives you a suite of shapes that you can alter and apply however you like, and multiple layers to work with. With these tools, you can create just about any logo or design you can think of.

Once you have chosen or created a decal, you can use the custom decals option to place it wherever you like, and adjust the dimensions to fit how you want it to.

That is it for our Armored Core 6 mech customisation guide. For more, head to our Armored Core 6 homepage, or check out our Armored Core 6 PCA Combat helicopter boss guide.

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