How to get new parts in Armored Core 6: New weapons, mech parts & more

How to get new parts in Armored Core 6: New weapons, mech parts & more
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25th Aug 2023 00:00

Gathering new parts in Armored Core 6 is fundamental to improving your AC and getting stronger. Armored Core 6 gives you full freedom on how you want to build your mech, but you must acquire the parts to do so.

New parts come quickly, so long as you keep pushing forward through the game. If you want to continue expanding your weapon and mech part options, here is how to get new parts in Armored Core 6.

How to unlock new weapons and mech parts in Armored Core 6

the campaign map in Armored Core 6
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Play through the campaign

Playing through the campaign of Armored Core 6 is the primary way to unlock new parts for your mech. While there are side missions and other activities that provide many useful items, the vast majority of the AC parts you can purchase and equip will become available by making progress through the main story.

If you are unimpressed with your current inventory of parts and want more to choose from, your best bet is to keep going with the main story. New parts will become available regularly as you build your reputation with the various corporations that you work with.

Complete tutorials

Outside of completing missions, there are some parts you can acquire by completing tutorials. More tutorials unlock as you make your way through Chapter 1, so be sure to check the tutorial menu regularly as you progress. There are some very useful parts that unlock from the tutorials, so they are well worth a few minutes of your time.

Before too long, you will have more parts available to you than your money can buy. You might need to farm money to afford them all, but rest assured that you can buy and sell parts for the same price, meaning there is no downside to trying new things.

That is it for our guide to unlocking new parts in Armored Core 6. For more, head to our Armored Core 6 homepage, or check out our guide to defeating the PCA Heavy Combat helicopter in Armored Core 6.

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