Revenant Reborn Apex Legends: Abilities, best weapons & lore, how to play

Revenant Reborn Apex Legends: Abilities, best weapons & lore, how to play
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3rd Aug 2023 16:30


Revenant Reborn is coming to Apex Legends in the Season 18 patch and while he may look similar to his previous form, the Synthetic Nightmare is more of a threat than ever.

His new kit is built for taking down prey and playing aggressively in the Outlands, with a wallhack for low-health enemies, a leap, and even an Ultimate that blocks damage.

The days of the Death Totem may be gone, but you’ll still need to know the best weapons for Rev, his abilities, and of course, his lore if you truly want to become a top-tier Revenant Reborn player.

So, let's check out everything you need to know to master Revenant Reborn in this ultimate guide for the Legend.

Revenant Reborn release date in Apex Legends

Revenant Reborn Charge Rifle
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As confirmed by Respawn, the Revenant Reborn rework will arrive on August 8, 2023, with the Season 18 update.

Keep in mind that Revenant Reborn will be automatically unlocked for every player in Resurrection for the entire duration of the season. To unlock him permanently, you’ll need to complete a set of assigned challenges,

So, don’t go wasting your Legend Tokens by purchasing Revenant ahead of the update - save them for another character instead.

Revenant Reborn abilities in Apex Legends

Revenant Reborn abilities
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Here are all of Revenant Reborn’s abilities that he has access to while taking on foes in the Outlands:

  • Passive: Assassin’s Instinct

Assassin’s Instinct highlights nearby enemies who are low on health through walls and will do it for the whole squad if Revenant was the one who lowered their health bar. The ability also retains the improved crouch walk speed and climbing from his previous form, with an upgrade to his horizontal movement when climbing on terrain.

  • Tactical: Shadow Pounce

Shadow Pounce is a powerful forward leap that can be charged to go further, reaching the same distance as an Octane Launch Pad when fully wound up.

  • Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Forged Shadows will build a shroud of hardened shadows that block damage but increase his upper body hitbox. These shadows and his Tactical will be refreshed instantly if he achieves any knockdowns.

Best weapons to use with Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends

Revenant Reborn weapons
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Weapon choice will always come down to preference in Apex Legends, but there are certain guns that are incredibly effective with Revenant Reborn’s kit. As his Passive detects low-health enemies and his Shadow Pounce Tactical is a deadly gap-closer, SMGs and Shotguns are absolutely lethal in the hands of the Synthetic Nightmare.

In an instant, Revenant Reborn can be on top of an opponent and with his Ultimate activated, they’re going to struggle to outmatch him in a close-quarter skirmish.

Check out a list of Revenant Reborn’s best weapons below:

  • R99
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mastiff
  • Prowler (Care Package)
  • Volt

It’s worth noting that Revenant Reborn can be effective with any weapon in the Outlands, these are just particularly strong when paired with his aggressive kit.

Apex Legends Revenant Reborn: Lore

Revenant Bloodhound
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Formerly the greatest hitman in the Mercenary Syndicate and a human, everything changed when Hammond Robotics transformed him into the nightmarish machine we see before us today. Resurrected as a simulacrum, Revenant was programmed to forget his past and simply do their bidding.

After realising what he’d become, Revenant made a vow to hunt down every person that inflicted this cursed life upon him. Unfortunately, his transformation took place nearly two centuries ago, so the majority of those involved have passed away. Despite this, he’s still holding out hope to find his human head and grant himself the sweet release of death.

Now, as showcased in the Kill Code - Part 2 trailer, Revenant is losing control of his mind with Duardo Silva attempting to control him. This likely explains his change into Revenant Reborn and the arrival of his new powerful abilities.

Who is Revenant Reborn’s voice actor?

Revenant Reborn’s voice actor is still Darin De Paul despite the Synthetic Nightmare’s transformation and rework in Season 18.

When did Revenant release in Apex Legends?

Revenant release date
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Revenant was originally introduced to Apex Legends on February 4, 2020, with the Season 4 update. Apart from the infamous Revtane meta that combined Octane and Revenant’s Ultimate abilities, the Synthetic Nightmare has never really gained a foothold in the meta.

Respawn is hoping the Revenant Reborn rework will inject a new lease of terror into his kit, and push him up the popularity rankings in Season 18

So, that's everything you need to know about Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends. Be sure to check out our Apex Legends homepage for more news and guides, or check out our popularity rankings to track the pick rate of your favourite Legend.

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