Best weapons in Apex Legends in Season 19: Ranked gun tier list

Best weapons in Apex Legends in Season 19: Ranked gun tier list
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Finding the best Apex Legends weapons to use in your matches can be incredibly tough, especially with there being 29 guns in the arsenal in Season 19. Picking up an S-tier gun or settling for the C-tier option can be the difference between you taking home a win, or being sent back to the lobby.

Alongside knowing which Legends are best, it's absolutely essential you are familiar with the game's gun meta at all times. To ensure you stay up to date, we've created a weapon tier list that runs over which guns are OP and of course, those that are best left on the ground.

Apex Legends weapons tier list

Before we dive into the details, here's a quick rundown of which guns fit into which spot within the current meta in-game:

Tier Weapons
S Kraber, R99, Prowler, Nemesis, Peacekeeper, Wingman, Hemlock, CAR SMG
A Flatline, 30 30 Repeater, R301 Carbine, L-STAR, Bocek Bow, Volt, Mastiff, Rampage
B G7 Scout, M600 Spitfire, Havoc, EVA-8 Auto, Charge Rifle, Sentinel, Triple Take
C Longbow, Mozambique, Alternator, RE-45,
D Devotion, P2020

Best guns in Apex Legends explained

Now, that you're familiar with which weapons you'll want to take with you (and those you'll need to avoid) and their tiers in the meta, let's break down why these weapons deserve their spot at the top, and why those that miss the mark are best left on the bench.

S-Tier weapons in Apex


Wingman Inspect Apex Legends
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Season 19 introduced the Wingman to the Care Package and I've never seen a better version of this powerhouse pistol. With a built-in Digi-Threat and Skullpiercer hop-up, landing those all-important headshots does devastating damage to any opponent, even if they have a top-tier helmet.

The Wingman can be a scary prospect to use if you struggle with accuracy, but in Season 19, you can't afford to leave this weapon behind.


Another Care Package weapon, the Prowler is a monster at close quarters and rips through enemy shields with ease.

The full-auto capabilities of this version of the SMG make it absurdly strong, especially considering it has almost zero recoil. Personally, I think it's the best SMG in the game by a long shot, but that's to expected considering it's not in the ground loot.


Kraber Apex Legends
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What more can I say about the Kraber that hasn't been said before? Unbelievable long-range damage makes it possible to wipe out squads from across the map if you're an accurate sharpshooter.

This gun does take practice to master, but those who can operate this sniper effectively can take over the endgame of a match.


When it comes to shotguns, it's hard to outmatch the PK due to its absurd pump damage up close, and the ability to chip enemies at mid-range.

If that wasn't enough, the Disruptor Rounds hop-up takes this weapon to another level when it comes to damage output, so it definitely deserves a spot at S Tier.


Apex Legends R99
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The king of ground SMGs has been nerfed multiple times, but the R99 is still the premium choice for one-clipping foes at close quarters.

Solid mobility, incredible damage, and manageable recoil mean this gun is a must-use option in Season 19 from my own perspective.


Straight out of the Care Package in Season 19 and right back to the top of the meta on the ground, the Hemlock's burst damage output is devastating in the current meta.

With the correct attachments, you can completely bolster its kickback, making it incredible for racking up high damage numbers in matches and of course, securing wins.


Nemesis AR Apex
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Another survivor of Respawn's nerfs, the Nemesis is still a premium weapon for melting enemies from afar with its lethal burst fire.

The gun's ability to ramp up in fire rate rewards those who can consistently land shots, and if you played Apex throughout Seasons 18 and 19, you know how hard it is to deal with a Nemesis user who is beaming you from a power position.


The CAR SMG may not have the one-clipping power of the R99, but the versatile SMG has a bigger mag size and has access to two types of ammo.

This on top of its brilliant damage output makes the CAR a solid choice for close-quarter gunfights in Season 19.

A-Tier weapons in Apex

Bocek Bow

Bocek Bow Apex Legends
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One of the most unique weapons in Apex, the Bocek Bow could easily slot into S-Tier if it wasn't for the fact that so many players avoid it like the plague.

Despite this, the bow is undeniably strong if you know how to use it as it has a huge amount of potential at mid to long-range. Making those arrows hit the mark can be difficult though, so some time in the Firing Range may be needed.

30-30 Repeater

Nerfs to the 30-30 Repeater has led to a drop for the weapon from S to A-Tier in Season 19 as the devs drastically reduced its close-range power with a hit to its hip-fire spread.

Despite this, the 30-30 is the ultimate shield destroyer at long range, chipping away at enemies with ease. Not only that, if you're on the hunt for damage badges, there's no better weapon on the entire arsenal.


Flatline Apex on Firing Range
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The Flatline is the trusty AR with easy-to-control recoil, brilliant damage output, and close-range capabilities as well. While some weapons excel in certain areas and have huge drawbacks in other places, the Flatline is perfectly balanced, which makes it consistent and top-tier.

R301 Carbine

The definition of a laser beam, the R301 Carbine may not have the raw TTK stats of some of the other ARs and SMGs but in our opinion, it's still a solid pick.

If you're a player who really struggles to control kickback and just wants a weapon that will always hit the target, look no further than the R301.


Mastiff Shotgun Apex Legends
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Alongside your Nemesis or Hemlock, there's no better pairing than the Mastiff thanks to its dominance at close range. Massive damage output makes this easy-to-use shotgun so devastating in face-to-face skirmishes, especially if you can land an all-important headshot.

What are the worst weapons in Apex Legends?

The D-Tier is the lowest ranking on our list, and while there are only a couple placed within it, here's why each of them sits so far down in the weapon rankings for Apex's current meta.


First up at the bottom of our Apex Legends weapon tier list is the Devotion, as it really doesn't have a place in the meta when there are always better options available. Huge kickback, a mediocre TTK, and slow mobility make it hard to justify picking up this gun.

A Turbocharger will make it competitive, but why use it when other LMGs like the L-STAR and Rampage exist that are significantly better? The Devo needs some buffs which will hopefully come before Season 20 - fingers crossed.


Loba holding P2020 in Apex
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The mini P2020 pistol may do its job on a hot drop when you're surrounded by opponents, but as soon as you find another option, it needs to be swapped out.

Not every weapon in Apex can be unbelievably strong and while this gun is in D Tier, it has its role in the Outlands as an early game option.

So, that's our Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 19, and now you'll have the tools you need to dominate your matches and pick out the best gun for your play style.

If you're curious about how popular your favourite Legend is in the current meta, it may be worth heading over to our pick rate tracker, or where we've ranked the Legends in the latest season. For more news, guides, and explainers, make sure to head to our Apex Legends homepage.

Alex is a Senior Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) in English, he has previously written for Dexerto & Gfinity. Specialising in Call of Duty & Apex Legends, he loves (attempting) to improve his aim in competitive shooters and will always make time for a single-player RPG.

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