Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | Season 14

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | Season 14
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16th Sep 2022 17:10

The best Apex Legends weapons tier list sorts the 25+ weapons in Apex into different tiers based on their viability. S Tier weapons are the cream of the crop and can change the course of any Apex Legends match, while you should avoid weapons in D Tier at all costs. So, if you need a refresher on the meta and want to ensure you're using the top gun for the job, we've prepared a detailed Apex Legends weapons tier list that sorts every weapon in the game from best to worst.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | S Tier

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S Tier — Mastiff Shotgun, Kraber .50-Cal Sniper, Rampage LMG, Bocek Compound Bow

The S Tier is reserved for Care Package weapons. Due to their scarcity, these Supply Drop weapons are buffed to an overpowered state and can turn the tide of battle.

Mastiff Shotgun

When your back is against the wall and the circle is closing in, there is no Apex Legends weapon you want in your arsenal more than the Mastiff Shotgun. Shotguns are the kings of close-range combat in Apex Legends, and none can compare to the power of the Mastiff.

The Mastiff's horizontal spread makes it easy to consistently land all eight pellets, which dish out 112 damage to the body and legs and 144 if you connect with the head. With decent range, the Mastiff Shotgun can achieve two-shot kills on anyone that dares get too close.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

The Kraber is so potent that it's the only weapon in Apex to have never been let free of the Care Package. For good reason, too, as it's the sole weapon in Apex Legends that can consistently knock enemies in one shot. Nowadays, players with high-level Helmets and Body Armour can survive Kraber headshots, but still, getting hit by a round of this .50-Cal Sniper is devastating and difficult to recover from.

With the ability to send players back to the lobby with a single shot, the Kraber is unquestionably deserving of S Tier on the list of best Apex Legends weapons.


Rampage LMG

Powered by fire, the already-strong Rampage LMG made its way to the Care Package in Apex Legends Season 14, and now, it's even more fierce. The Supply Drop version of this weapon comes with a Thermal Grenade, which, when stocked into the gun, will increase its fire rate by 30% for 90 seconds. Capable of dealing 28 damage to the body and 42 to the head with each shot, the Rampage can make quick work of any enemies caught in its line of fire.

Bocek Compound Bow

When it was first released in Season 9, the Bocek Bow was clearly overpowered and instantly rose to the top of the Apex Legends weapons tier list. It fell off a bit after some substantial nerfs, but now that it's exclusive to Care Packages, the Bocek Compound Bow has been buffed back to its original state, plus it comes pre-equipped with all the best attachments.

The only non-gun in Apex, using the Bocek Bow can take some getting used to. But once you're comfortable with it, you'll find that it undoubtedly belongs in the S Tier. Since it fires arrows but not bullets, shots from the Bocek Bow are near silent and will leave your prey disoriented. But with the Bocek Bow dealing so much damage with each hit, enemies won't have much time to react before they're down and out.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | A Tier

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A Tier — R-301 Carbine, R-99 SMG, Peacekeeper, Wingman, Volt SMG, VK-47 Flatline, G7 Scout

R-301 Carbine

Excellent in nearly all situations, close, medium, and long ranges, the R-301 Carbine is the most well-rounded weapon in Apex Legends. The R-301 Carbine is a jack-of-all-trades and, in terms of overall viability, probably the best non-Care Package weapon in Apex Legends.

R-99 SMG

The R-99 SMG has the fastest fire rate in Apex and is one of the highest damage-per-second (DPS) weapons too. With these stats, the R-99 absolutely shreds through opponents before they even know what hit them.

The only thing holding back the R-99 is its lack of range and how hard it is to control. You'll be fine up close, but as the gap between you and your target grows, you'll find it increasingly difficult to land shots, rendering the R-99 useless. And with how fast it shoots, you can easily find yourself quickly running low on ammunition. 


With the Mastiff in Supply Drops, the Peacekeeper is the best and most accessible Shotgun alternative. The Peacekeeper has solid range for a Shotgun and deals significant damage when all of the pellets hit. Whereas other weapons require you to stay exposed to deal damage, the Peacekeeper excels when used to peek in and out of cover, only revealing yourself to fire off a quick shot.

The downside of the Peacekeeper is that it's inconsistent. You'll feel like you landed a perfect shot at times, only to see an 11 pop up. And with its slow rate of fire and long reload time, a couple of misses in a row means certain doom.


In the hands of a marksman, the Wingman is a scary sight, capable of dealing a whopping 113 damage per headshot with the Skullpiercer Hop-Up equipped. Hitting shots with the Wingman is as satisfying as it gets. 

The only problem is that the Wingman requires extreme precision to be effective. It can be tricky landing shots with this Hand Cannon, so many players will pass on the Wingman for more reliable Apex Legends weapons like R-301 Carbine or the Volt SMG.

Volt SMG

Fresh out of the Supply Drop, the dependable Volt SMG remains one of the best guns in Apex Legends. While out-classed up close by the R-99, the Volt SMG is much more well-rounded and capable at mid to longer ranges. 

Unfortunately, with Energy Ammo not being as common as Light and Heavy Rounds, it can be challenging to keep the Volt stocked with ammunition, so sometimes it's just not an option.

VK-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline is the premiere Heavy Assault Rifle in Apex Legends. Slower and less accurate than the R-301 Carbine, the Flatline hits harder while still displaying consistency at close to medium range. Another pro of the Flatline is that it doesn't guzzle up ammo like other A Tier weapons.

Overall, the VK-47 Flatline performs well in a variety of situations and gives you the flexibility of using your secondary weapon slot on something more niche like a Sniper or a Shotgun.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is the ideal weapon for Apex players that like to pick at opponents from long range. Each body shot deals 34 damage, and headshots dish out 60 a piece. And since it's a semi-auto weapon that takes Light Rounds, the G7 Scout is extremely ammo-efficient. With five attachment slots, plus the ability to enable the Double Tap Trigger Hop-Up, you can equip the G7 Scout to excel at medium range too.

While there are other more powerful alternatives to fill the role of the G7 Scout, none are as spammable and forgiving for the user.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | B Tier

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B Tier — M600 Spitfire, EVA-8 Auto, C.A.R. SMG, 30-30 Repeater, Charge Rifle, Prowler Burst PDW

M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire LMG tears through opponents with swiftness, but after some Season 14 balance adjustments, the Spitfire has seen a slight fall from grace. Now, the Spitfire uses Light Rounds, so it's not as easy to load up on ammo and fire away carelessly. Also, as an LMG, the Spitfire's handling makes it feel sluggish compared to ARs and SMGs. 

EVA-8 Auto

The EVA-8 Auto Shotgun was the biggest benefactor of Season 14, receiving huge buffs across the board. The EVA-8 is definitely nice for pelting enemies in close quarters, but it doesn't have the range of the Mastiff or Peacekeeper, nor does it kill as fast. But on the other hand, the EVA-8 is easier to handle, and misses are less punishing.


The only weapon in Apex Legends capable of utilising two different types of ammunition, The C.A.R. is a dependable SMG that excels in close-quarters combat. Once heavily regarded as one of the best weapons in Apex Legends and deserving of S Tier, Season 14 made it so the C.A.R. no longer supports a barrel attachment. Without the ability to equip a Barrel Stabiliser or a Laser Sight, the C.A.R. is just B Tier.

30-30 Repeater

Underrated by many in the Apex community, the 30-30 Repeater is a solid weapon for medium to long-range engagements. Season 14 made this gun even more powerful by adding the Dual Loader Hop-Up by default and the ability to equip a Skullpiercer. Just make sure you have a more reliable weapon as a secondary for those close-up fights.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle slides into B Tier on our best Apex Legends weapons list, thanks to its utility in competitive play. The Charge Rifle excels in the slower-paced gameplay that's oftentimes found in Ranked Mode, as it's incredible for picking at enemies from afar and building up damage for your Evo Shield. Since it's hitscan, you can annoy opponents with a constant barrage of long-distance lasers without needing to worry about bullet drop or travel distance.

Prowler PDW

At one point, the Prowler SMG was the best weapon in Apex Legends. However, a steady string of nerfs, plus the removal of the Selectfire Receiver, really bring the Prowler down a notch. This burst SMG is still a beast when hip-fired close-up, but its glory days are over. To get the most out of the Prowler, it'll need a bunch of top-tier attachments.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | C Tier

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C Tier — Longbow DMR, Alternator SMG, Hemlock Burst AR, HAVOC Rifle, L-Star EMG, Triple Take 

Longbow DMR

If you want to snipe but can't find a Kraber, the Longbow DMR is probably the best alternative. With more range and killing power than the Scout Rifle or 30-30 Repeater, downing enemies with the Longbow is extremely satisfying. The truth is though, there's not really a place for the Longbow in the current meta, and you're better off equipping weapons ranked higher on this tier list.

Alternator SMG

The Alternator isn't bad per se, but it's for sure the worst SMG in Apex Legends. Without an Extended Mag, the Alternator barely has enough bullets to secure a kill. And in general, it's not unique enough to warrant picking up. The other SMGs can do everything the Alternator can do — but better.

Hemlock Burst AR

As is the case with other Apex Legends C-Tier weapons, the Hemlock isn't a complete slouch, but it's not anything special either. It doesn't do any more damage than the R-301 Carbine or the Flatline, and it's more difficult to use. On top of that, it's significantly worse close-up when you need to hip-fire.


With so many excellent Assault Rifles and SMGs in Apex Legends, there is no real point to use the HAVOC Rifle — unless you can find the Legendary Turbocharger Hop-Up. The spin-up delay is one of the main reasons players don't like this gun, and the Turbocharge negates that. But still, the HAVOC's recoil is rough, and with no spot for a barrel attachment, there's nothing you can do about that.

A HAVOC Rifle with no attachments is forgettable, and even if you kit it out, there's an argument to be made that you'd be better off with something else.

L-Star EMG 

The L-Star Energy Machine Gun is one-of-a-kind in that it never has to reload. However, this quirk means that it'll blow through your precious Energy Ammo with haste. Like a lot of other Energy weapons in Apex Legends, the L-Star is challenging to control, and it's inaccurate. 

The L-Star is fine if it's the first weapon you come across, but look to replace it with a better weapon as soon as possible.

Triple Take

The Triple Take is another unconventional Apex Legends gun, serving as a Sniper at long range and a Shotgun-substitute in close-quarters combat. But, the problem with a hybrid weapon like this is that it doesn't excel in either role. If you want to snipe, grab a Kraber, Charge Rifle, or even a Scout Rifle. If you need something for up close, use a traditional Shotgun.

Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List | D Tier

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D Tier — Devotion LMG, Sentinel, RE-45 Auto, Mozambique Shotgun Pistol, P2020

Devotion LMG

The Devotion suffers from the same issue that plagues the HAVOC. Without a Turbocharger, this LMG is without question one of the worst guns in Apex Legends. Sure, the Devotion is strong when kitted out with attachments, but for all the trouble, you may as well just use a Spitfire.


The Sentinel is easily the worst Sniper in Apex Legends. Its DPS is horrific, and to get the most out of it, you have to charge it up with Shield Cells, which is a time-consuming process that eats away at one of your most valuable supplies. The fact that its bolt-action means that missing shots is punishing, and without Kraber-like damage to compensate, a weapon like this isn't worth using in Apex Legends.

RE-45 Auto

In a pinch, the RE-45 Auto operates well as a backup sidearm for finishing off weak opponents. With the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up, you might even have some luck against heavily armoured opponents. However, as the match progresses and everyone gears up, you'll find that the RE-45 simply can't compete with higher-tier Apex Legends weapons.

Mozambique Shotgun Pistol

Forever an Apex meme, there's not much worse than stumbling upon a Mozambique when hunting for your first weapon. You MIGHT be able to get a kill with it on unshielded opponents at the beginning of a match, but outside of that, this Shotgun Pistol has very few redeeming qualities.


For all the crap the Mozambique gets, the P2020 Pistol is even worse. There's an argument to be made that you'd be better off punching opponents than trying to knock them with a P2020. Steer clear of this near-useless Apex Legends gun.

With an arsenal of over 25 weapons, ranking the Apex Legends weapons into tiers is a hefty task. Obviously, no list is definitive, and the usefulness of a weapon depends on a variety of factors, like attachments and user skill. But in general, the tier list above should give you a broad idea of which guns to seek out and which to avoid.

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