Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event release date, Buster Sword & new skins

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event release date, Buster Sword & new skins
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Alex Garton


4th Jan 2024 16:39

The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event has been announced by Respawn and it's safe to say the community are excited about this incredible collaboration. Whether it's the Buster Sword coming to the Outlands, the fresh cosmetics, or the various gameplay changes coming to unranked BR, there's a tonne of content on the way.

To ensure you're fully up to date on everything new coming with this Final Fantasy takeover, here's a breakdown of everything the event has to offer and when it starts.

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event release date

The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event will begin in Apex Legends on January 9, 2024, and last until January 30, 2024.

Apex Legends Final Fantasy VII event trailer

The trailer offers a brilliant overview of everything coming in the event and if that wasn't enough, the soundtrack is amazing.

Final Fantasy-inspired unranked Battle Royale

Apex Legends Final Fantasy BR
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Final Fantasy Battle Royale is coming to Apex Legends and it's completely taking over the unranked mode for nearly a month. For starters, players will be able to wield the power of the legendary Buster Sword, which will have gameplay abilities - including access to light and heavy attacks, blocking to reduce damage, and a gap-closing dash. The best place to find this incredible blade will be in a Care Package, so stay on the lookout.

Next, Materia Hop Ups will also be available to find and will provide increased bonuses for specific weapons. To acquire these, look out for event-limited Cactuar Ticks.

This should spice up BR in 2024 and will be a dream for any Apex fans who also happen to love Final Fantasy.

The Buster Sword arrives in Apex Legends

Buster Sword Apex Legends
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Completely separate from the Buster Sword R2R5 in-game, there will be a universal mythic melee cosmetic Buster Sword that has no gameplay abilities and be equipped in place of your Heirloom or fists. Unlike a typical Heirloom that's limited to one character, the Buster Sword can be held by anyone.

To obtain the Buster Sword Heirloom, you'll need to open Final Fantasy event packs which will randomly award the items - there are 36 in total. Remember, there are no duplicates so you're guaranteed the sword if you open enough.

Finally, the sword will not be coming to the Mythic Shop after the event ends, so unlock it while you can! This means it'll likely be extremely sought-after following the event.

Apex Legends Final Fantasy VII skins & cosmetics

As showcased above, Final Fantasy-inspired cosmetics are coming for Crypto, Wattson, Wraith, Horizon, Newcastle, and Valkyrie.

On top of that, there are countless weapon skins that look absolutely incredible and are bound to go down a storm with the community.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event kicking off on January 9. Be sure to check out our Apex Legends homepage for more news and guides.

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