Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch is unbelievable

Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch is unbelievable
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17th May 2023 11:13

It's safe to say, the latest Zelda game is a bit of a whopper. While 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a suitably gigantic expansion of the series from 2011's Skyward Sword, that's nothing compared to Tears of the Kingdom leaving us feeling like a tiny Zora in a massive pond.

As we get to grips with phasing through walls, building giant mechs to traverse Hyrule, and fusing things to your weapons, Link's arsenal is bigger than ever. You'll find yourself fusing Keese Eyeballs to arrows at an enormous rate, meaning the newly discovered Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch might come in handy.

What is the Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch?

As spotted by several players (and highlighted on YouTube by Linkus7 above), the Tears of the Kingdom glitch lets you duplicate items ranging from weapons to crafting materials. Importantly, it effectively means you can get unlimited money and make light work of besting zombified Ganondorf

It's relatively simple to do when you know how, and all you'll need is two bows. The Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch works anywhere in the game, so don't worry about climbing to the top of the tallest mountain or it being a specific time of day.

To pull off the Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch, simply follow these steps:

  • Select your bow with ZR
  • Fuse the item you want to duplicate to your arrow using up on the D-pad
  • Pause the game and head to the bow section 
  • Drop the bow you currently have selected (the one with the fused arrow)
  • Quickly unpause and then pause again
  • Drop your second bow
  • Return to the game and pick up both bows
  • You will now have two of whatever item was fused to the arrow 
  • Voila, repeat until you're the richest person in Hyrule

Does the Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch work?

Tears of the Kingdom Dragon Scale Glitch
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The good thing about the Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch is that even if it goes wrong, you won't lose your original item, any arrows, or your bows. The only tricky bit is timing the unpause and pause, but apart from that, it's pretty foolproof.

There are several uses for the glitch, such as getting an unlimited supply of Zonai orbs or replicating powerful items like Lizalfos horns. As well as the obvious unlimited money in Tears of the Kingdom, it'll also come in handy for upgrading your armour with Dragon Scales.

At the time of writing, the Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch still works and is clearly not meant to be there. Nintendo is notoriously on this kind of thing, and in a game that came out of the box relatively glitch-free, we imagine the devs will be hot on this one.

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