You Can Play Modern Warfare 2 In Fallout 4

You Can Play Modern Warfare 2 In Fallout 4
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Joseph Kime


4th Nov 2022 10:47

Ah, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is back. Sort of. A little bit. It's complicated. The new game is the long-awaited sequel to the reboot that nobody asked for yet loved deeply, which is in no way connected to the first three iconic Modern Warfare game - except for all of its characters and some narrative threads.

It's a bit of a strange corner that Call of Duty has backed itself into, but thankfully, many of the shooter's players have learned not to ask questions and just start shooting things. And, to its credit, it seems to be providing that experience pretty well with Modern Warfare 2 in 2022. But it looks like a new experience is already here, and it's bringing modern firepower to the wasteland.

Fallout 4 Has Modern Warfare Mods

God bless modders and all they do for us. One Fallout 4 mod creator has been hard at work bringing the firepower from Modern Warfare 2 (the new one) to the game.

Creator WarfightersWorkshop has been grinding away to bring the weapons of MW2 to Bethesda's nuclear juggernaut - with an attempt to reflect the same ability to customise and replicate the feel of the weapons in the game. Better yet, the Fallout mod includes many of the same sounds and animations coming straight from Modern Warfare.

So far, the creator has added the M4 Assault Rifle and the Signal 50 Sniper to the Wasteland, meaning you can beam and snipe Deathclaws to your heart's content, all while imagining you're Captain Price. Well, that's provided you have the game on PC.

Where Do You Find The Modern Warfare Guns In Fallout?

Once the mods are downloaded, there are a few places to get the weapons - first is at the crafting bench, where you can make the pair of weapons for yourself. You can also bring them into the game with console commands - but there's another avenue for the assault rifle.

If you want the M4 in a more heist-esque way, you can grab it from inside the locked armoury room at Fort Hagen. These Fallout mods are pretty cool and dedicated to respecting the same vibe from Modern Warfare 2 - so if you fancied showing Mr Handy who's boss, your time to shine has arrived.

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