Can EG rise above their opponents with oBo?

19:30, 10 Mar 2021

The young and confident rifler known as Owen "oBo" Schlatter is finally back from his mentally-focused vacation. After taking some time away from competing and focusing on family values, oBo has returned to play alongside Evil Geniuses. The North American organisation has been struggling without their dominant mindset which has led to multiple losses within the competitive scene. 

Ethan "Ethan" Arnold even left to go play VALORANT for 100 Thieves after taking one too many hits throughout his season with EG. The one and only oBo joined to take his spot and step up for his team by providing the gun skill and movement that’s been missing from the lineup. 

At the age of 17, oBo is clearly a prodigy and should definitely be recognised as one. He’s put a lot of work into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and it’s already starting to pay off. Despite oBo taking a mid-season leap from Complexity, his actions were clear and constructed. 

He finally achieved his dream of competing with the best up until his mindset played a big role in stepping down from Complexity. EG’s oBo is highly skilled and possesses the right amount of bullish behaviour that North America needs right now. 


Despite EG being the team to give oBo another chance, Complexity’s founder and CEO Jason Lake should be acknowledged for his investment in oBo. He gave the rookie his first chance to play at the highest level, by placing him on a roster along with various perks. 


Lake made it clear that he was upset about oBo leaving but knew that his mental health came first. During his time with Complexity, oBo won four different events including the BLAST Premier Spring European Finals back in 2020. 

The independent and calm sharpshooter has already achieved so much at such a young age. He’s definitely far away from peaking, considering he still has so much to learn. With almost $140,000 in earnings, oBo has already managed to form professional relationships at such a young age. 

He was a key figure on Complexity and often kept to himself rather than trying to steal the spotlight. Hopefully oBo can break out of his shell this year and really dive into his aggressive play style which is treated with mounds of respect. EG definitely has the right amount of financial backing to help oBo pull through and rebuild a legendary roster. 


EG has already taken part in four events this year, but has yet to earn a top three finish. Their best placement was at BLAST Premier Spring where they finished in fifth-place after losing to Complexity by two maps. 


EG most recently had a tough performance at the IEM World Championship after finishing in tenth-place. They managed to knock out Gambit Esports in round one which was impressive considering Gambit ended up winning the entire event. 

After their big victory, EG was sent home by both Astralis and G2 Esports. Nearly a week later, Ethan left to pursue his new career within VALORANT. Ethan’s player rating dropped across fifty-percent of his overall matches before eventually calling it quits. 



Ever since oBo stepped down from Complexity, North American viewers wondered if the team would survive without one of their most talented players. Luckily the team acquired Justin "jks" Savage, who has ten years of competitive experience. 


After leaving Renegades during their prime back in 2019, jks moved onto play for 100 Thieves. Jks eventually moved away from the Oceanic scene to compete within North America and earn a better shot at A/S-Tier titles. 

While the initial trade seemed tempting, Complexity eventually fell into another hole after signing jks. Besides their flawless victory in the BLAST Premier Spring group stage, Complexity has managed to spiral down a dark path. 

At the IEM World Championship they finished nearly dead last and earned an early exit from the event. Leading up to the tournament, jks’s new team began to fall apart at both the BLAST Premier Global Final and cs_summit 7.


Complexity will have another shot this month to prove themselves by earning a solid finish in the ESL Pro League. Perhaps they can regroup and earn another victory without the presence of oBo.


In a few weeks, oBo will make his debut with EG in the ESL Pro League by playing against the best teams in CS:GO. Some of those names include Astralis,, Fnatic, and Team Liquid. 


EG recently lost to both Astralis and Liquid on multiple occasions which could lead to added pressure for oBo. EG is looking for redemption and oBo is definitely their not so secret weapon to securing multiple championships this year within North America.

With the right strats, EG might be able to pull off one of the greatest roster changes within the NA scene. If everything goes as planned, oBo definitely has a chance at building a strong relationship with his new team. 

Images via BLAST | Complexity 

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