Msdossary on EA Sports FC, Team Falcons, and more

Msdossary on EA Sports FC, Team Falcons, and more
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31st Aug 2023 12:45

The FIFA scene is one of the longest-standing in esports, with competitions going all the way back to 2000 and prior.

One of the most successful competitors of recent times is Mossad "Msdossary" Aldossary, who has reportedly taken home almost $700,000 in prize pool money over a six-year career to date, while also winning the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018.

Outside of being a competitive FIFA player, Msdossary also founded Team Falcons in 2017, who have risen to become one of the biggest teams in the Saudi Arabian region.

While at Next World Forum in Riyahd, we spoke with the star on all things Team Falcons, Rocket League, and his goals moving forward.

So firstly, starting off - how was Gamers8 for you? There was quite a big success across all teams, especially R6 and Fortnite, which you did well in, as well as 6th place in the Gamers8 club awards. As a team owner, how was that accomplishment for you?

I am happy about the effort that the team and my esports employees have brought [to this year's Gamers8]. Everyone did their best, and as everyone knows, it's not the easiest to get the best results - even if you have the best players.

Overall, I personally expected to [have achieved] more on the Club Awards side, but I'm very proud of everyone's effort and I know that they have done their best.

It was a good performance for the RL team as well, was that the performance that was needed to revitalise the team?

Well, I'm very happy about our Rocket League players. We changed one of the players [in the roster] for Gamers8, and he's a very young and promising player.

We lost that series [Against Version1], we could have gone the whole way, but overall, I think that Rocket League is a very important game for Falcons in general, and we’re looking to do more and more.

And what does Ahmad bring to the team as Captain?

Ahmad is obviously a leader, and he has that experience as an example, I remember this year and last year, he improved a lot when being responsible for who he is and understanding his abilities. That obviously comes with Ahmad, and even in the past, when we have oKhaliD, we're very grateful for him.

How exciting is the Saudi Arabian Rocket League scene at the minute? Twisted Minds, Rule One and yourself go back and forth. Do you get nervous going into tournaments, or do you enjoy the atmosphere in the region?

Well, I know that at Worlds, we had the most players, which is 9, and that is very promising. But I can see a bigger picture where the competition [as a whole] will push our players and others [and elevate careers].

Despite this year being tough for our own players, I'm grateful for the other teams, and I personally thank them because I know that they pushed my players to the limit to fight harder.

Just quickly on your other teams, the CS has changed over time. What are your thoughts on CS:GO in the team?

[As for the team], we've changed three players, and they're [all relatively young], around 18, 19 and 20. We're looking forward to CS with our younger players, including two legends when it comes to the game, especially NBK, who has won two Majors, can help them moving forward.

The ultimate goal for Falcons right now would be to win a Major, but we want to do it in our own way where we help the talent, especially now since we have BOROS. He's a very important player, not just because he's good at the game itself, but he’s an Arabic player that fits the brand very well.

With the VALORANT team it was a difficult EMEA Ascension. What's the plans moving forward?

We've just changed one of our players, and we know that it's very tough playing against another region, let alone an advanced one like Europe.

We know that the players are not on the level to win the whole thing just yet, but I think they're not far off and that they do something special for us as part of Falcons. We're going to do great things for the region and operate from the region.

For you personally, are you looking forward to EA Sports FC and will you still be competing next year despite the changes?

I'm still competing next year, and one of the main reasons that I'll be competing is that there's a whole new game and a whole new legacy to fight for. I've done very well [in my career so far] in FIFA, and now, the change to EA Sports FC brings new challenges for me.

Lastly, what's your goal over the next 12 months for Team Falcons? Are you looking to add more teams or anything that you want to achieve?

I think people don't realise that we have 90 players and [are] in 12/11 games and I sometimes have days where I remember every pro player's names. I think the ultimate goal of what we want to do as good as we've done in the Spring Major in RL in London, and we want to make it to the CS Major in Copenhagen.

They're the two things [we're prioritising as goals]. Falcons are just going to keep focused and try while supporting our players as much as we can.

Want to see more around the Saudi Arabian region in esports, check out our feature highlighting Falcons and Twisted Minds.

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