Call of Duty Season 3 update removes Trios in Warzone and adds Quads, and increases the loadout drop markers price.

17:20, 08 Apr 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, Season 3 has been released, and with that has come some very controversial changes to Warzone. Alongside some other updates such as new multiplayer maps and new operators like Alex becoming available, Warzone has scrapped Trios and replaced it with 4-man ‘Quads’. Here’s the update for Warzone in full and reactions to how the news has been affected fans. 

Quads replaces Trios.

Call of Duty: Warzone has followed in the footsteps of Battle Royale competitor Fortnite, by electing to have a four-man team rather than Trios. We expected Quads to be included within the Season 3 update, but not at the expense of the popular three-man mode. Whilst it worked for Fortnite, this is a bold move by Activision as trios had been so successful for them in the early stages of the game. It is speculated that Quads, Trios and Duos may be rotated as stand-alone playlists, removing one for the other every update, maybe on a bi-weekly basis, but this has yet to be confirmed. Activision has multiple playlists to include in the future which you can find below.

  • Battle Royale Duos - Teams of Two. Loot and Kill. Last team standing wins.
  • Battle Royale High Action "Claustrophobia" – The gas moves in much quicker than normal, causing quicker and more action-packed games
  • Battle Royale Shotguns and Snipers only.
  • Battle Royale One-Shot – Normal paced game but 1 shot kills to the head and no Loadout Drops.
  • Hardcore Battle Royale – No HUD unless with a UAV, and lower health. Friendly Fire.
  • Infinite Revive – No cash payments for revives
  • No Revive – One life and cannot be bought back by teammates.

You can still play as a trio though; you do not have to have four people. The toggle for ‘no fill’ remains, meaning you can jump in with yourself and two friends and select ‘don’t fill’ which then allows you to jump into Verdansk with your team of three. This still will mean that you can come up against squads of four though, meaning it will be tough to wipe out full squads. Plunder has also changed to Quads as they transition from Trios.

How fans reacted to Quads

There have certainly been mixed views on the Quads mode introduction, with many feeling that there should have been an inclusion of a Duos mode, as many players play as a pair on Trios as they couldn’t find a third player. This means that they will be at an even further disadvantage against teams of four, or will have to play with a random player, and we all know how that ends up.

Quads mode does, however, give larger groups a better chance of playing together, and will offer completely different gameplay, with more reserved trading of shots, rather than aggressive pushing. Snipers will become even more important with the longer engagements. The lobbies will now contain 152 players or up to 38 squads. With 19 points of interest, that generally means two teams per location, but with hot spots such as Superstore it is likely that the quieter parts of the map will be remote. This leaves more chance of your squad getting better loot at the start of the game rather than engaging in gunfights.

Loadout Drops Change Price AGAIN

The last update of Warzone saw the price of a Loadout Drop Marker change from $6,000 to $8,500, and this has increased again with Season 3, to $10,000. This has both benefits and disadvantages. Solo players will hate it. This means solo players will struggle to get weapons that they prefer to use rather than some of the garbage you find on the floor. It also means that they will have to find weapon loadouts that will get them through the whole game, as racking up a minimum of $20,000 is no easy feat. This will mean that most players will have Overkill and fewer players sporting Ghost unless you are using at least one weapon found on the floor. RPG Mayhem? Just what the community wanted.

However, this is actually a good thing in Quads. If you do the math, $8,500 between 3 people is $2,833 (roughly) each, but $10,000 between 4 players is $2,500 each. This means that players will need less cash each for a squad loadout drop. This does also mean that in order to rack up that amount of cash, your squad will most probably end up splitting up to loot various areas of your landing location, creating some interesting early game confrontations. Sweeping rooms in pairs could be a good way to go about this.

More Weapons added to Warzone.

You can now find many more weapons on the floor. A range of Assault Rifles can now be found in their common variants on the floor such as the M4A1, the Oden and the FR 5.56. This does give players better loot whilst they search for that $10,000 for a loadout drop. You can also equip the new SKS Sniper Rifle and the Renetti Pistol in your loadouts.

For information on the update, including multiplayer maps and the return of Alex, stay tuned at GGRecon.

Images via Activision

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