Here are our recommendations on where to land in Verdansk in order to give you the best chance of winning.

10:00, 08 Apr 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone is the most played battle royale game at this current moment. Having smashed records on the opening week we have seen Warzone take over the gaming scene and is remaining hugely popular. However, there is nothing more annoying than landing into Verdansk and dying within five minutes. We’re all too familiar with the phrase ‘eat, sleep, Gulag, repeat’. With another Call of Duty update due soon, releasing Season 3, learning the map like the back of your hand will give you the superior edge over players. If you are thinking about where to land in Warzone to give you the best chance to win, here is our guide to give you the best chance.

Call of Duty: Warzone Map

Difficulty ⭐ - Farmland, Dam, Military Base, Hills, Park

These areas lie on the outskirts of the map and this makes them quieter areas for you to land. Depending on the circle of the storm, it Is likely that at least two of these areas are on the outside, and therefore quieter still. If you prefer to land in a quieter zone and loot up before heading into action, these places are for you. You may be accompanied by one or two teams at most in these areas who will be looking to rotate into the circle. You may not find many high tier weapons here, but they’re only going to be traded in for your loadout drop anyway.

Difficulty ⭐⭐ - Lumber, Promenade West, Promenade East, Train Station, Port

Staying on the outskirts of the map, but moving towards the centre, these areas mainly consist of houses and a few large buildings for your loot. Mainly across the south-west of Verdansk (except lumber) theses destinations are still rather quiet and are good for a slow cash builder with a little early game confrontation. If you can quickly sweep a few buildings and get some decent uncommon weapons you will stand a good chance of wiping out the two or three squads, setting you up nicely for the later stages of the game. Just beware of the team flanking from the previous category; they’ll be quick to rotate inwards.

Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐ - Hospital, Stadium, Downtown, TV Station, Airport.

These places offer some solid loot and cash bundles, but are very building-based, meaning there’s a high chance that you will get separated from your squad when looking for loot. Stadium is a much more open space in comparison to the other sectors in this category, however, you have to do a full circle of the stadium to have your team fully equipped. With it being so open it is likely that you will confront other teams who have spotted you and moved in your direction. These locations are more central in the southern part of the map, where there will be teams pushing towards you from most directions. Whilst still not attracting many of the better teams, players do enjoy coming to these locations in search of some quick kills.

Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Boneyard, Storage Town, Prison, Quarry

Boneyard has many destroyed planes to filter through, with massive amounts of loot, but in order to loot up you will have to go separate ways from your squad, meaning it is essential that you don’t go too far and are ready to engage in 1v1 combat at every corner. Coming out of here is very rewarding.

Storage Town is similar to Boneyard. With loot spread out quite widely, 1v1 skills are essential. You will be drawn away from your team slightly and you can get shot from on top of the storage boxes too. It is important to find as much armour as possible at the start and have your squad work their way to the main building in the middle where you can scope out enemies.

Prison is surprisingly popular with its secluded location. Especially if it is within the circle, Prison is a scrap for loot. Gathering good weapons quickly and maintaining high ground is the secret to survival here. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to run towards the circle if required, it can be a fair distance away.

Quarry, another rather remote landing spot, is rich with great loot. With huge buildings where teams can stick together, Quarry is one of the most popular places on the game. The only downside is that it can be a long-distance away from the next area if you’re looking for more enemies to pick off, or you need to dip out to find more loot.

Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Superstore

Atlas Superstore is by far the busiest area of the map to land. A popular multiplayer map and quite centrally located, Superstore is a player minefield. The mass amount of loot means players will never be short of ammunition and cash. It has reduced in popularity a little bit, due to the competition that lies there, but remains a hotspot for the more aggressive and better players. Stay clear unless you fancy wiping out five teams.

You may find that the more comfortable you get at each difficulty that you may want to push on for a harder spot to land for the better loot or more kills, but we'd definitely recommend starting at one star and working your way up instead of jumping straight into Superstore; you only get one shot in the Gulag, best to make sure it's not within the first two minutes. Try them out for yourselves and stay tuned here for more Warzone guides.

Images via Activision

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