Warzone fans demand nerfs for the new ‘Groot’ skin

Warzone fans demand nerfs for the new ‘Groot’ skin
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Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2023 12:40

It's a concerning trend that Call of Duty has had its fair share of invisible skins over the last four years, with Roze's legacy still being carried into Modern Warfare 3 and onwards.

But this latest skin released in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone has blown fans away, being nearly impossible to see - akin to someone having a permanently-popped Active Camo upgrade.

The new Warzone Gaia skin, or Groot as it's known to most players, is causing absolute chaos. This means fans want the invisible "pay-to-win" outfit nerfed immediately.

Warzone and MW2's new 'Groot' skin is the most invisible skin yet

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In recent weeks, Call of Duty owned the fact that it's making more invisible skins, as it prepared to launch an obsolete Valeria skeleton. But what the team didn't quite prepare for was the Gaia tree-based skin appearing so transparent.

The new tree-inspired skin is built with intertwining vines and twigs, with an emerald glow from its body. However, its illumination is far from easy to see, and for the most part, the brown skin blends into any and all objects, shrubbery, and walls.

The Gaia skin has quickly rattled Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 players who are struggling to see it, with a growing number of gamers imploring that it be nerfed.

Call of Duty players demand Gaia Skin be nerfed

With the issue arising, players have taken to social media to begin a "Where's Wally?" tribute game with Gaia. Ex-Call of Duty League professional Chris "Parasite" Duarte showcased his version on Twitter, as fans were baffled at where the character was in a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked match.

Reddit also branded the skin as a "disgrace" and has completely desecrated the line of pay-to-win, which Call of Duty often toys with. Now, they're begging that a fix be added, making it more visible to players, or removing it entirely from Ranked playlists.


"Activision: make this skin brighter or at the very least ban it from ranked play. This is the antithesis of competitive," said one Redditor. "Just make the inside glowing part of it brighter so you can still have the transparency of it but it’s lighting like a Christmas tree," added another fan on Twitter. 

Previous skins of this token have been nerfed, with the LA Thieves CDL bundle being altered almost immediately, and fans now want Groot/Gaia to face a similar action.

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