Warzone Cheaters Are Worse Than Ever After New Update

Warzone Cheaters Are Worse Than Ever After New Update
Unsplash Jake Walker | Raven Software

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Joseph Kime


10th Jan 2022 10:28

Not even fresh updates and patches can keep the cheaters away from Call of Duty: Warzone. At least it's on-brand.

The cheating problem in Warzone has become one of the leading recognisable features that the game has to its name, and sadly, not even the long-awaited RICOCHET anti-cheat measures have done enough to keep hackers away from the title.

As of right now, Warzone is the prime example of cheaters ruining large-scale multiplayer games, and the problem just keeps on getting worse. And, once again, a classic glitch has returned.

Is Warzone's Invisible Skin Glitch Back… Again?

The notorious invisible skin glitch that has plagued Warzone for some time has made a comeback - barely a week after it was patched out in a fresh update.

Players are reporting that the game's cheating problems are consistently getting worse, even after patches, updates, and ban-waves have attempted to keep them out.

One post in the CODWarzone subreddit has reported yet another invisible skin, proving that the glitch can even duck its own dedicated patches.

It's incredibly frustrating that the patch hasn't worked, and it's sad proof that the cheating problem for the game might actually be out of Raven Software's hands at this point.

Warzone Players Say Cheating Is 'Getting Worse'

Another post in the same subreddit has shown the dismay of genuine Warzone fans, stating that the cheating problem is coming back, angrier than ever.

"I swear, hackers just came back with a vengeance", the post reads. "I've been running resurgence for a couple hours and I haven't found a lobby yet that I'm not getting traced through walls and snapped on like I'm playing GTA. What gives?"

It's incredibly sad that the game's cheating problem has become so bad that even pointed patches can't fix the very problems they're designed for.

The game is in big trouble, even more so than any other time in its lifespan as a hive for hackers. If something isn't done soon, the battle royale favourite could be in big trouble. We've got our fingers crossed that Raven Software can make it work - but our hope is waning by the day.


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