Warzone 2’s Ashika Island May Have Teased A New Black Ops Game

Warzone 2’s Ashika Island May Have Teased A New Black Ops Game
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Jack Marsh


2nd Feb 2023 14:00

Isn't it just a little bit weird that Castle, a map designed by Treyarch, is becoming the cornucopia for a new Warzone 2 map? Especially when you remember it's a game built by Raven Software, based on an inherent Infinity Ward title.

Yes, yes it is. But, what if there was a reason for all of these crossover shenanigans? Ashika Island is set to arrive in Warzone 2 on February 15, and with it comes the resurgence gameplay that the battle royale fan base has yearned for.

But, if you dare peel back the cracks in the war-torn Tsuki Castle, you might well find some Black Ops clues.

Next Black Ops Game Teased In Ashika Island Map

With Modern Warfare 2 being in rotation for two years to give the annual releases a well-needed break, Treyarch isn't poised to continue its storyline past the Cold War for another two years.

However, a recent Call of Duty blog post might've just given us the keys to the castle and confirmed that the next Black Ops storyline will take place.

With the Cold War ending in the 1990s, and strong leaks indicating that the next Black Ops storyline will take place in the Gulf War, it makes for an interesting read that the map takes place in the 90s too.

Ashika Castle Hints At Upcoming Black Ops Gulf War Title

The blog post reads, "Originally planned as a resort destination, development on Ashika Island was halted in the mid-1990s due to [[REDACTED]] and the sterling work of [[REDACTED]], but publicly the reasons remain undisclosed. Since this time, travel to and from the island has been heavily restricted."

It's quite irregular for Call of Duty lore to begin on a game that won't be released for another 18 months, or even cross over between Treyarch and Infinity Ward sub-franchises.

Still, it certainly seems like the Gulf War-themed game will have a huge impact on the island. Treyarch is also working on another Warzone 2 map for when their title arrives, but it might be some time before we see the true meaning as to why the Shadow Company intervened on Ashika Island.

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