Warzone 2 Season 3 leaks hint at new battle royale map

Warzone 2 Season 3 leaks hint at new battle royale map
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Joseph Kime


31st Mar 2023 10:08

Warzone 2.0 has been moving pretty well since its launch, offering players a little respite from the intense bugginess and repetitiveness of its predecessor - but change could already be on the horizon.

Even though Al Mazrah might not be Verdansk, Warzone players have still embraced it with open arms and found plenty to love in the vast open map - but it looks like there could be a new locale on the horizon.

Warzone's blunder hints towards Las Almas map

Players have figured out that after an issue has given out Warzone rewards for missions a whole season early, a new cartel-themed battle royale map could be on the way. Better yet, it looks like a familiar favourite. 

Some have been earning rewards for a mission asking them to defuse a certain amount of bombs, and it looks as though they're supposed to be offered to players in the upcoming season 3.

While it's a pretty lucky bug for players farming for new items, there's a recurring theme that hints at something bigger. They all centre around something of a Cartel aesthetic, implying that there could be a new map following that same theme coming in the upcoming season.

Even though this is mere speculation, it's certainly interesting to see the theme develop in these items. Perhaps there's a new theme on the way after all.

Fans think new map based on Modern Warfare II is coming to Warzone

Connecting the dots of these new items and their Cartel theme, players are reflecting on the inclusions of Cartels in Modern Warfare II, with some thinking we're being led to a battle royale map based on Las Almas. 

This wouldn't be the first time we've heard about a Las Almas map. The drug cartel was a big part of the main game, while we previously covered an Easter egg that hinted at it making the leap into Warzone

It remains to be seen if this is reasonable, but it's certainly an interesting theory. Who knows - maybe Al Mazrah could be wiped from the game sooner than we think. Either way, we need something to refresh Warzone 2

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