Warzone 2 leaks show DMZ AI changes with 'reputation' system

Warzone 2 leaks show DMZ AI changes with 'reputation' system
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21st Mar 2023 13:56

Warzone might still be trundling away with its new season, but there's still much more to look forward to.

Though the newest iteration of the Call of Duty battle royale has struggled to shed its predecessor's glitchy and buggy reputation, new battles and welcome changes to its formula have made the title incredibly popular among fans.

Though Al Mazrah is no Verdansk, players have sung the location's praises, while the title's future looks bright from here. But, there's one thing on the horizon that compels fans - the latest additions to the DMZ mode.

AI will undergo changes with a new 'reputation' system in Warzone 2.0

A new leak has indicated that some big changes to enemy AI in Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode are on the way, and that they could seriously help players to turn the tides of battle when it comes to avoiding their fire.

Twitter account Task Force Leakers 141 has claimed that AI at different faction sites from a specific group could change their mind on the player, becoming hostile or friendly depending on your actions throughout the game.

The idea is that you'll amass a "reputation" that determines how they'll interpret your presence. This could be a pretty big way to make DMZ more interactive, giving players the opportunity to choose a faction to recruit and act in their favour in return for not being shot at on sight by their troops.

Reputation could also get you cheaper gear

The short tweet thread from the account also implies that there will be "faction buy stations which rewards vary on your reputation with the faction [sic]," meaning that there's a chance that this new function could allow you to pick up killstreaks and loadouts for cheaper if you make the right friends.

It's an interesting implication and one that could lead to a new meta rearing its head in DMZ. DMZ hasn't exactly managed to set the CoDverse alight since it launched, with recent nerfs leading to complaints it has been ruined.

Any change is welcome when it comes to Warzone and the maligned DMZ, but it's in the hands of fans regarding its sticking power. 

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