Warzone 2 Gas Is Giving Players Easy Wins

Warzone 2 Gas Is Giving Players Easy Wins
Images: Raven Software

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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2022 09:57

It's certainly a big week for the gas mask in Warzone 2.0. As will come as no surprise to anyone, there are a few kinks that need ironing out across the new Call of Duty battle royale experience.

With players struggling to get through some games as a result of discrepancies in Warzone's genetic makeup. One of these glitches pertains to the gas mask and its animation.

It hung around in the first Warzone and gave players some pretty intense and uncomfortable flashbacks, and now, it's back with yet another glitch that is offering players some easy dubs.

What Is The Warzone Gas Mask Glitch?

A new glitch has appeared that is giving players an immensely kitted-out gas mask, which is not only giving them the opportunity to bag an easy win, but it's also reportedly giving them all of the unlockables they could ever ask for.

Warzone 2.0's new glitch means that the gas masks simply aren't breaking when they're supposed to, leading players to camp out in the gas while others fight it out and eventually succumb to the gas themselves.

Videos sent in reply to Twitter account ModernWarzone seem to prove this, with one gamer showing off a video of a gas mask with over 300,000 durability.

The account also reports that the glitch is somehow offering players "maxed weapons, camos, challenges, all calling cards, all store bundles and unlocks every operator in the game." Blimey.

What Is The Gas Mask Animation Glitch?

It gets worse, because paired with the other glitch that has wrought players, it looks like the gas mask alone could be the reason behind a lot of broken games.

The initial glitch is one leftover from the first game, where upon leaving the gas with a gas mask equipped, players will always cycle through an animation that sees the operator taking it off. This is leading to a lot of deaths and frustration.

It's annoying to see that such a crucial part of gameplay is actually tearing the game to bits, but it's hard to expect much more. We're sad to admit it, but it looks like Warzone 2.0 could be just as rife with bugs as its predecessor.

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