Warzone Gas Mask Glitch Has Returned For Al Mazrah

Warzone Gas Mask Glitch Has Returned For Al Mazrah
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Joseph Kime


28th Nov 2022 14:31

Warzone 2.0 has had a less-than-perfect start. Of course, fans are loving what they have right now, as being offered a brand new free-to-play Call of Duty experience is little to sniff at.

Sadly, it looks like the growing pains that were present in the first Warzone are rearing their heads once again. That becomes even tougher when glitches from the first game bite back.

It's hard to blame Infinity Ward for struggling to keep on top of glitches at the beginning of the new live-service game, but it's equally frustrating for players who just want to crack on and leave the cheater-laden first game behind.

Warzone's Gas Mask Glitch Returns With A Vengeance

Well, that's not a good sign. After we started to feel comfortable with Warzone 2.0 and safe from the glitches that Warzone was pumping out at an impossible rate, they come rocketing back with more fury than ever.

A bug that forces the animation of the gas mask in the game has seemingly returned, as reports in the Warzone subreddit are beginning to flood in with video proof of the nightmarish glitch coming to light.

One user has shared a video that illustrates their sarcastic 'love' of the animation, which sees them attempting to cut and redeploy their parachute on their way out of the storm, but the animation that sees the player remove their gas mask gets in the way, and they splatter on the ground instead.

It's an annoyance for sure, and even moreso after we've had to deal with it in the first game. Safe to say, fans are not happy.

Fans React To The Return Of The Gas Mask Glitch

Players are taking to Reddit to express their disdain for the glitch, insisting that there's no reason that the animation should exist in the first place.

"Gotta love how after 3 years of complaints about this animation they've done exactly nothing about it in Warzone 2," says one comment. "Why does it need an animation at all, just auto equip & unequip it without an animation and without interrupting other actions."

Another chimes in, "This garbage automatic animation should be removed. I want to equip my gas mask manually, I have died so many times because of this bulls**t."

It's a major headache that the glitch has returned, but it's something we should have expected. Here's hoping that Infinity Ward can tidy up soon - but with all that needs tidying up as is, we might be waiting a hot minute.

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