Warzone 2 Fans Want One Killstreak Nerfed Immediately

Warzone 2 Fans Want One Killstreak Nerfed Immediately
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Jack Marsh


24th Nov 2022 16:04

Warzone 2 has already been the playground for controversy between developers and players, with fans becoming furious at some early and unnecessary nerfs to fan-favourite attachments. Yet there's a way Raven Software can right their wrongs, at least in the eyes of Warzone fans.

The ground loot in Warzone 2 has led to a nice change of pace in the Call of Duty battle royale, with a longer route to getting your desired loadout and arsenal.

But it's the more rare ground loot that is causing problems, specifically the Bomb Drone killstreak, and fans want it nerfed. Immediately.

Warzone 2 Fans Want The Bomb Drones Nerfed ASAP

The Bomb Drones are a tip to those savvy players from the original battle royale title who would strap a C4 to the recon drones and fly them into the proximity of enemy players before blowing it up. In the same manner, the new killstreak is now a much more common pick-up in Warzone 2, and they're causing havoc.

Once the Bomb Drone is all up in someone's grill - silently as it flies in some wizardry stealth mode - it causes instant death (or down) of a player, which means a trip to the gulag out of nowhere.

Now, fans are calling for the killstreak to be reduced in power in and not take over 250hp off a fully-armoured player.

How Can the Bomb Drone Be Nerfed In Warzone 2?

Although some fans have now identified ways of surviving the Bomb Drones, not every player wants to hide in a bathroom stall while the killstreak flies around (they can't open doors).

However, they have now pointed out that Raven Software could reduce its power to only take 200hp, which would kill an enemy with two armour plates, but not three. Or, upping the noise so that the drone is too close to evade by the time it's heard could also serve as a well-needed nerf.

Despite being one of the rare forms of loot, Bomb Drones are being found by teams pretty much once a game, and players are becoming savvy to their power. Maybe it might be a good thing to have them nerfed, otherwise, the final circles will be a form of mid-air Beyblades, rather than a gunfight.

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