Warzone 2 Fans Already Fed Up Of Gloomy Infinity Ward Maps

Warzone 2 Fans Already Fed Up Of Gloomy Infinity Ward Maps
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Jack Marsh


3rd Feb 2023 15:14

Call of Duty is a war-focused gaming franchise, but at what point do the developers turn around and axe their gloomy, grey, beige, and brown colour palette in favour of something more spritely on the eye? 

That's the question on many Modern Warfare 2 players' lips, who are getting fed up with looking at clouds and muddy explosions. Especially given that their Call of Duty developer counterpart Treyarch is accustomed to brightening their games up.

The debate has arisen after the upcoming Warzone 2 Resurgence map, Ashika Castle, has a miserable overcast climate. Compared to Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island, it's rather frustrating.

Warzone 2 Fans Worried By 'Gloomy' Ashika Island Announcement

Following the announcement of Ashika Island, despite its very appealing landscape and applaudable design, many players have taken a problem with the gloomy weather and called for a change. 

"It's an Infinity Ward special," claimed one fan. "Grey and boring. Doesn’t look appealing at all compared to Rebirth/Fortune's Keep

Others have called for a form of weather cycle like Fortnite and Battlefield, where rain, sunshine, and even nighttime can all come into play.

Call of Duty Players Call For Treyarch Map Designs 

But amidst the Infinity Ward bashing, a range of players are now counting down the days until Treyarch is back in town,

The Ashika Island map has clear ties to the developers and has even teased the next Black Ops game already, and for some colour-wanting players, this is music to their eyes.

Some have even reskinned the Ashika Island images with Tryearch colour filters and seen an instant improvement.

Treyarch isn't set to take over in the franchise until 2024, both with a new Black Ops title and Warzone development.

However, hopefully, Infinity Ward is keeping a keen eye on their community feedback, and we can move on from this greyscaled nonsense in Season 2 and beyond. 

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