Warzone 2 Confirms Apex Legends-Esque Backpack System

Warzone 2 Confirms Apex Legends-Esque Backpack System
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Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2022 13:27

Warzone 2 seems to be taking quite a lot of inspiration from other titles. The recently revealed Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith overhaul is being heavily compared to that of Escape from Tarkov (also akin to the DMZ mode), and the map with franchise classic locations littered within appears to be Infinity Ward's own idea of Blackout

Now, the developers are looking towards Apex Legends and could be stealing one of its main features when it comes to managing loot. Many rumours have been flying around when it comes to Warzone 2's new loot system. Will it be a replicate of its predecessor? Will a drastic change make looting slower and boring? Will there be loadout drops to get your best guns?

While we're destined to find much of this out during the reveal on September 15, leaks have now confirmed that one feature is coming that will make a significant change: backpacks.

Will Warzone 2 Include Backpacks?

It's only a minor addition to Warzone, a backpack, but its inclusion does elude to a revisited method of looting, and now backpacks have been confirmed through a leaked setting found within the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Some of those who have been able to preload Modern Warfare 2 have also accessed the settings menu, where they have found a "backpack behaviour" setting. The setting also includes "loadout behaviour," although this could mean a number of things about how you can interact with your weaponry.


How Will Warzone 2 Backpacks work?

Backpacks are not unfamiliar to battle royales. In fact, Blackout had a form of backpacks. However, leaks suggest that the method we will get in Warzone 2 will be somewhat similar to Apex Legends. Rampant leaker "Metaphor" recently detailed that backpacks will have different sizes and rarities, much like Apex.

Apex's system works where the higher the tier, the more loot, armour, ammo, and other pick-ups (possibly attachments) you will be able to carry. With the backpacks coming into play, you're going to want to refine your optimum weaponry to make sure you can balance all of your ammo. If this is the case, maybe launchers and snipers might be meta once again...

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