Modern Warfare 2 Beta Preload: How To Preload MW2

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Preload: How To Preload MW2
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Jack Marsh


20th Sep 2022 19:46

Finally, after enduring a year of whatever the heck Vanguard was, Modern Warfare 2 is here and we're heading back into the sweet loving arms of Task Force 141. But before we get too attached to Captain Price's motherly tug, you'll need to preload the Modern Warfare 2 beta, and get yourself prepared for its birth. So, how do you preload Modern Warfare 2 beta?

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Preload Dates

The preload of Modern Warfare 2's comes before its release on September 22. Players will be able to get their hands on the beta game in its raw state, ready for the game to go live, sparing you from having to wait for your tedious download speeds while your fibre-optic friends get down to business.

Instead, you can preload Modern Warfare 2's beta now. As of Wednesday 14 September, at 6pm BST, PlayStation players can download the game, and as of Tuesday 20 September, PC and Xbox players can now preload the beta.


Modern Warfare 2 Preload Size

If you're wondering if you can squeeze in the Modern Warfare 2 beta preload onto your hard drive alongside Warzone and Vanguard (maybe), you will likely be quite pleased.

While file sizes change per platform, the Modern Warfare 2 preload size is roughly 25GB. This is a significant upshift from Vanguard's size of 8GB, but less than Black Ops Cold War's 30GB. The official size of the PC beta is 17.16GB. 

How To Preload Modern Warfare 2

Preloading Modern Warfare 2 is quite simple. All you need to do is make sure you have enough storage space and follow these instructions:

MW2 Beta Preload Playstation:

  • Head to the PlayStation Store
  • Search for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta
  • Select "Download"

MW2 Beta Preload Steam:

  • Head over to the store page - can search Modern Warfare II Beta, or click here
  • Press 'preload'

MW2 Beta Preload

At the time of writing, it is only known how players with the game pre-ordered can preload.

  • Head over to MW2 in your library
  • In the bottom left below 'game version' click on the drop down and select the beta

MW2 Beta Preload Xbox:

  • Head over to the store page - can search Modern Warfare II Beta, or click here
  • Download the beta


There's everything you need to know for the MW2 Beta.

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