Upcoming Twisted Metal Game Reported To Be In Development

Upcoming Twisted Metal Game Reported To Be In Development
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Emma Hill


10th Sep 2021 16:05

Twisted Metal fans could reportedly be getting a new instalment in the vehicular combat game franchise, according to journalist Jeff Grubb. On September 2, during an episode of Grubb's video series Grubbsnax on Giant Bomb, he revealed that Sony was developing another Twisted Metal game. He further suggested that Sony's plan is to release the game to coincide with the upcoming television series based on the game. 

Is There Going To Be A New Twisted Metal Game?  

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, Grubb claimed: “I think Twisted Metal is in the works, but it may still be a way off, so I think we’re early”. He's, also, not the only one who has claimed Sony are developing a new game for the franchise.

In August 2021, credible Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker posted a screenshot on Twitter of Sweet Tooth, the iconic character of the game, with the caption '2023'. Fans immediately began to speculate as to whether this cryptic tweet was referencing a potential Twisted Metal revival. One fan said: "This is the only thing that could make these last two hell years worth it Please bring back Twisted Metal!".

Another, however, was disappointed at the response from some younger gamers: "Jesus christ the amount of people who don't know of or recognise Twisted Metal making me feel old". Although, it's fairly understandable that younger players don't know about the game yet, as Twisted Metal was particularly popular in the early 2000s. It was reported to have sold 5 million copies between its release in 1995 and the new millennium. There hasn't been a new instalment since 2012 for PS3 consoles.   

Will David Jaffe Be Involved With The New Twisted Metal Game?

Further on in the video Grubb explained that David Jaffe, the creator behind the original Twisted Metal and God Of War franchises, would not be involved in the creation of the new game. In August 2021, Jaffe claimed that he did not believe an upcoming instalment to the car combat game was in the works. However, if there was he would be "very, very hurt". 

Yet, Grubb did claim that PlayStation might reveal the new Twisted Metal game during the Showcase on September 9. But, despite the plethora of upcoming games announced at the Showcase, Twisted Metal was nowhere to be seen. Then again, Grubb's sources do predominantly seem reliable. It could be Sony are waiting to release the game to coincide with the television series from Deadpool writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, currently under development.

So, for you players with a clown phobia out there, don't worry. Sweet Tooth won't be coming to haunt your dreams/PlayStation any time soon.  


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