Ubisoft Is Cancelling Assassin's Creed And Far Cry Multiplayers

Ubisoft Is Cancelling Assassin's Creed And Far Cry Multiplayers
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Joseph Kime


26th Apr 2022 10:16

When the Xbox introduced the casual gamer to online play, it was a pivotal moment for the gaming world. Not only did the technology that allowed us to play multiplayer titles across the globe feel incredibly futuristic, but it also came off as remarkably simple to use. It was a huge, bold step into the unknown - and we never knew it'd come to an end.

As tech moves forward and online gaming is slicker than ever, games have been shut down in the process as they become more dated and less relevant to gaming trends and consoles in use. It's a sad impact of forward movement. Thankfully, though, many of these online deaths are merciful. But these ones certainly aren't.

How Many Games Is Ubisoft Killing?

Ubisoft Is Cancelling Assassin's Creed And Far Cry Multiplayers
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This is a butchering for the ages. As announced in a blog post, Ubisoft has revealed it's severing multiplayer playability for over 90 of its games, including classic bangers from the Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Rayman franchises.

"The online multiplayer services for the titles listed below have now been shut down," the post unceremoniously reveals. "The offline features for each game remain available."

The post goes on to reveal that the unlockable content in every game listed has been disabled, so if you bagged a cool outfit in one of the games' multiplayer modes, you're out of luck - because it doesn't exist anymore.


Which Games Has Ubisoft Killed?

Ubisoft Is Cancelling Assassin's Creed And Far Cry Multiplayers
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Among the games quashed are the Just Dance games from the third instalment to Disney Party 2, Rayman games including Legends and Origins, a huge swathe of Splinter Cell games, and Assassin's Creed games including Brotherhood and Revelations.

With whispers that Ubisoft could be the next big publisher to be gobbled up by the likes of Microsoft or Sony, here's hoping someone could restore these legacy IPs to their former glory and bring back multiplayer. The huge list of titles, as well as the consoles affected, are on the Ubisoft website - but whether you play them or not, it's bleak to see so many games canned. RIP to everyone on this list.


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