Far Cry 6 Star Shoots Down Two Major Theories

Far Cry 6 Star Shoots Down Two Major Theories

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Tom Chapman


23rd Sep 2021 12:28

Our bags are packed and our plane tickets are booked, as gaming fans around the world are ready to head off to the war-torn island of Yara. We're obviously talking about Far Cry 6, as Ubisoft's next chapter in the shooter series is ready to hail bullets on the competition.

From the humble roots of 2004's first game, the Far Cry franchise has continued to reinvent and keep us coming back for more with each entry. After toppling the Project at Eden's Gate cult in 2018's Far Cry 5, it's a whole new story in Far Cry 6. But, just what can we expect?

What has Esposito said about all those Far Cry theories?

It's been a slowly, slowly catchy monkey, approach to the latest game, with Ubisoft going on the marketing assault just like the guerilla fighters of the fictionalised Yara. One of the big talking points has been the addition of Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito - who once again cements himself as villainous royalty. 

In Far Cry 6, Esposito plays El Presidente Anton Castillo, who is a political despot that rules Yara with an iron fist. Also along for the ride are Castillo's adoptive son, Diego, and players taking control of a fighter called Dani Rojas. 

As Far Cry 6 edges closer, Espositio answered fan mail to promote the game. One of the most popular theories has been that little Diego is a young version of Far Cry 3's Vaas Montenegro. Michael Mando's mohawked baddie is held as one of the greatest video game villains of all time.

Although Ubisoft has done its best to distance itself from these theories, Esposito made it crystal clear. Discussing the idea of Diego being a cover for Vaas, he said, "What an absurd idea. Comparing the future El Presidente of Yara to a petty criminal. That man looks straight out of a failed boy band. Diego, on the other hand, has grace, and class, and strength, and intelligence. Everything you need. All the makings of a villain-to-be. You'll see."

If you still weren't buying that Diego is his own man, the Far Cry: Rite of Passage prequel comic directly mentions Vaas - meaning he can't be Diego. There have also been other references to Montenegro littered throughout Far Cry 6, with one driving scene featuring a clever bobblehead of Vaas. 

What other Far Cry 6 theory does Esposito debunk?

Putting fandom firmly in its place, Esposito went on to nix the other biggest theory that's been swirling about Far Cry 6. Another is that Dani (who can be played as either male or female) is hellbent on taking down Castillo because Diego is actually their son.

Having Diego reunited with their biological mother/father would've given the story another level of depth and a great late-game twist, however, Esposito claims this won't be the case because the ages just wouldn't match up.

"Dani is too young to have had a child the age of Diego", said the voice actor. "So I don't think this is a possibility. And for you to even bring up the idea, and plant a seed, that Diego is not Anton's son is disgusting. I can't fathom where that came from, but it's not true."

We're guessing there will be some sort of twist to propel the story forward, but whether any of those fanciful Far Cry 6 theories are on the money remains to be seen. With the next-gen game coming to console and PC on October 7, there isn't long to wait until El President is in our crosshairs. 


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