The Versus by Twitch beta is making it easier for organisations to host their own tournaments on the streaming platform.

13:43, 11 Sep 2020

Twitch is giving organisers a helping hand and has promised it will be easier to host your own tournament with its latest changes. The potential of holding competitions on Twitch has become a popular feature, and it turns out the streaming giant is listening to its fans, aiming to give the idea a boost. 

Launched on September 9, Versus by Twitch is offering esports leagues and creators a better way to hold their own tournaments on the superstar platform. Twitch and esports go hand in hand, so it makes sense that Twitch wants to make the most of the growing market and one of its most profitable exports. 


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In an announcement, Twitch explained, "We understand not all competition organizers have the tools or resources needed to host esports tournaments and it’s important to us to ensure we’re empowering organizers and players of all sizes and skill levels". 

Versus by Twitch uses a suite of tools that give creators everything they need to organise and manage a tournament. Think of it as an esports simulator in real-life. The idea is currently in open beta, with collegiate esports leagues, Twitch Rivals competitors, game devs, and selected streamers road-testing Versus. If you want to try it out, there's a waiting list you can join. 

Features include the ability to customise tournaments with everything from banners to rules, with added perks including information on setting up registration, arranging matches with bracketing, and player notifications that will alert competitors to their participation. All in all, it sounds like a one-stop-shop in Esports Tournament Organisation 101. 

Versus by Twitch

As for the future of Versus by Twitch, Twitch has vowed to keep a close eye on proceedings over the next few months. The aim right now is to make sure Versus has the chops to handle casual and complex competitions before a wider rollout to everyone else. All of the above is part of Twitch's commitment to expand its esports capabilities. Recent changes included an esports directory that points fans in the direction of live tournaments and a heavier investment in Twitch Rivals. 

It's interesting to note that Versus by Twitch seems to have a similar mechanic to Facebook's Gaming Tournaments. Given the rivalry between the two sides, it's no surprise Twitch wants to make the most of its ravenous fanbase. If you've ever dreamed of setting up your own esports tournament, now you don't have an excuse.


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