Ninja's Twitch return is reportedly a multi-year deal that will secure the famous gamer's future with the streaming giant.

12:11, 11 Sep 2020

Twitch is rolling out the purple carpet for Tyler "Ninja" Blevins as the superstar streamer is returning back to the bosom of the place that arguably made him. Following the closure of Mixer, there have been questions about where Ninja would call home next. The 29-year-old heated up the rivalry between YouTube and Twitch, but in the end, the Amazon-owned company won out and has reportedly nabbed a multi-year deal. 

Ninja's Twitch return is big news at the moment, with his fans demanding to know more. Before Ninja left Twitch in August 2019, he'd amassed a whopping 14 million followers. He's right up there with the best of the best, meaning a multi-year deal makes sense across the board. Instead of uncertainty from both sides, a multi-year deal would lock Ninja and Twitch together in a symbiotic relationship that could earn everyone some serious dollar.


Mixer previously lured Ninja away from twitch with an eye-watering $50 million paycheque. The Hollywood Reporter claims Ninja has secured his future with Twitch thanks to a multi-year deal. In a statement, the streamer said, "I am excited to get back to streaming full-time and connecting with my loyal fanbase.

"I really took my time to decide which platform was best and Twitch has been supportive throughout this process and understanding my overall career goals. In this next chapter, I’m going to make it a point to elevate and bring more eyes to underrepresented creators. I am looking forward to working with Twitch to demonstrate how this amazing community of gamers can make a meaningful impact". 

While exact details surrounding Ninja's Twitch return are shrouded in secrecy, more information is sure to make it out into the open soon. 



When Ninja left Mixer, he got a reported payout of around $30 million and turned down a huge deal to move to Facebook Gaming. As one of the best-known streamers out there, it sounds like Blevins has had everyone eating out of his hand. However, the Twitch deal shouldn't come as a major surprise and many clocked the partnership before it was made official. 

Michael Aragon, senior VP of content at Twitch, is clearly impressed and said, "We are thrilled Ninja is returning to Twitch. Tyler is an iconic force in the gaming community, and it’s been amazing to see the impact he's made on the industry and broader culture. Gaming — and the people who love it — are being recognised by a broad mainstream audience now in part because of Tyler, and we know he’s just getting started". 

Ninja's Twitch return is hot on the heels of fellow Mixer giant Michael "shroud" Grzesiek also heading to Twitch. With all its chicks coming home to roost, Twitch is back on top as some serious streaming competition. 

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