Trios is already back in Fortnite, but it has a catch

Trios is already back in Fortnite, but it has a catch
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Joseph Kime


1st Jun 2023 10:45

Fortnite has been working to enhance its experience with the introduction of Ranked mode, which undoubtedly adds plenty to the game - especially for the sweatiest players.

There's plenty to enjoy in the new mode, but as it is currently in a gradual rollout, there aren't many options for players to choose from. It's especially evident in the game's no-build lobbies. But there's something worse.

Out of the blue - seemingly without reason - Fortnite completely removed the option to play Trios in ranked and unranked games. Players were confused and frustrated that they'd have to queue with randoms in quads lobbies. Thankfully, Fortnite has kicked back into gear.

Fortnite Trios have returned

Thank God for that. As will come as delightful news for teams of three dropping onto the island, just as suddenly as they had pulled it, Epic Games has reinstated trios mode in Fortnite.

As announced by a new tweet from the Fortnite Twitter account, we've finally got the mode back in non-ranked battle royale and zero build modes. "Jump in now with your trio and grab that Victory Royale!" reads the tweet.

There is absolutely no reasoning offered in the tweet, meaning fans are still confused as to why the mode was pulled. Either way, many are so glad to see Fortnite Trios back, they can't really be bothered to follow up on it. However, Trios' return does leave something of a gap. 

Fortnite Trios isn't back in ranked modes

Trios is already back in Fortnite, but it has a catch
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Even though teams of three can jump off the Battle Bus and back into Fortnite without having to rely on randoms to fill their teams, there's no option for them to do so in either of the game's ranked modes.

As Ranked is still in a slow rollout, it's fair to see that the returning team size won't be joining it just yet, but given that players had presumed that it was pulled to optimise it for Ranked, it's still a shame. Regardless, Trios is back and we're incredibly grateful. Please don't leave us again.

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