Fortnite Trios is officially being vaulted by Epic Games

Fortnite Trios is officially being vaulted by Epic Games
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Tom Chapman


16th May 2023 19:27

It's the end of an era, as Epic Games has confirmed the beloved Fortnite Trios is being vaulted. While it's not unusual for the battle royale to vault LTM modes, no one was expecting the introduction of Ranked to come at the cost of a full-time mode like Trios. 

We always knew big things were on the way, and while the next update was shifted back by 24 hours from May 16, we assumed it was just because Ranked needed a little more work. The death of Trios has come as an unwelcome shock to many.

Why is Epic Games vaulting Fortnite Trios?

Posting on Twitter, the official Fortnite Status account rang the death bell for Trios without giving any context as to why it's being shown the door. Originally introduced as an LTM, Trios became a permanent fixture in Chapter 2 Season 5 and has remained a firm favourite since.

The patch notes for the May 17 update are also a little sparse, simply saying, "Please note that the Trios mode will be vaulted in Battle Royale and Zero Build in v24.40." As you can imagine, there was an outpouring of love for Trios.

One disgruntled gamer wrote, "What about those of us who are third wheels in our team? what are we meant to do now," while another added, "Like literally no reason at all to make a change like this. Player counts are wayyy beyond good enough to support it."

Will Fortnite Trios return?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2
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There's a chance that Trios could return, and to be honest, it sounds like a great way to lure players back after some time apart. For the time being, it's mysteriously MIA. We'll have to wait and see if Epic clears up exactly why Trios was axed, but either way, we say don't get too attached to Zero Build. 

Although there's speculation that the Trios-shaped hole should channel more players to other modes and improve queue times, we'll have to wait and see. Three might normally be a crowd, but sometimes, you want to squad up as a terrific trio and try to nab a victory crown. Well, not anymore

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