Treyarch release major update to help solo queue MW2 Ranked players

Treyarch release major update to help solo queue MW2 Ranked players
Images courtesy of Activision

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Jack Marsh


23rd Mar 2023 13:14

There are not many worse feelings than loading up into a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked lobby and seeing OpTic Texas' four-stack roster all queued up together on the opposite side of an Al Bagra Control match. 

For some, that's happened. For the majority though, we're hard stuck in Platinum. But the motive is the same, coming up against a full stack of four players is tough, especially when their comms are flowing, and it feels like an automatic tanking of your SR.

However, Treyarch has now protected players against parties to ensure that motivation isn't lost when you come up against the newest suicide squad.

Treyarch release SR balancing update to help combat solo queue disadvantages

Not everyone can play Modern Warfare 2 with friends, colleagues, or nice strangers. In fact, most of the time it's quite hard to get four players together at the same time, especially as Call of Duty's player base begins to age into adults.

But now solo queue players won't be punished for this, as Treyarch has balanced how much SR is lost against fully-formed parties, making the lone ranger grind more enjoyable.

"We will continue to monitor solo, and party Ranked Play performance and make adjustments to ensure that both solo and party play are competitively viable," Treyarch added.

Treyarch tease VALORANT-like Squad Fill queue for MW2 Ranked

Other games such as VALORANT don't allow solo-queue and squad-fill players in the same lobby above a certain rank; if you're teamed with an entire squad, you will have to face other full forces, rather than those made up of solos and duos, given that the advantage of crisp communication is too significant to overcome.

So, after protests from professional players like Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris and Ben "Beans" McMellon, Treryarch 

In response to this, Treyarch has now teased a possible queue separation, like VALORANT's, as Associate Director of Design Lawrence Metten said, "we hear the feedback on the current solo experience and are actively evaluating some changes we hope will make solo play competitively viable in all Skill Divisions," on Twitter.

Whether this comes to MW2 or not is yet to be seen, but at least in the meantime players won't be punished for playing on their own against four demons.

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