Beans sets Search and Destroy record on CDL Major debut versus OpTic

Beans sets Search and Destroy record on CDL Major debut versus OpTic
Boston Breach

Written by 

Jack Marsh


10th Mar 2023 13:42

Europe's newest generation of players is fitting in quite nicely to the Call of Duty League, as Boston Breach's newest recruit Ben "Beans" McMellon has set the world alight in his professional LAN debut.

The British up-and-comer has made waves in the Challengers scene for quite some time and was recently promoted to the starting lineup for Boston following the retirement of Anthony "Methodz" Zinni.

Now, the smack-talker has put money where his mouth is and appearing on the main stage for the first time, Beans has now set a Search and Destroy record whilst beating OpTic Texas in front of their home fans.

Beans sets Modern Warfare 2 Season SnD record

Having only come into the starting lineup at the start of this split, Beans' first matchup on LAN came against OpTic Texas, who are hosting the Major in front of the infamous Green Wall fan base.

However, Boston trampled over OpTic with a clean 3-0 sweep in their Winners Bracket match, and it was with many thanks to Beans' 17/5 season-high record in map two (El Asilo Search and Destroy) that they were able to topple the hosts.

On the way to thumping home a huge 17 kills, Beans also pulled together a nine-killstreak and put the nail in the coffin of OpTic in the final round, killing Brandon "Dashy" Otell to take the tie 6-5.

The joint-top SnD performance is now tied with that of Obaid "Asim" Asim, whose 17/6 record for London Royal Ravens against Toronto Ultra in the Major 2 qualifiers topped the charts. With one less death though, Beans' new record appears to have bettered Asim's.

Beans looks set to be a future star in Call of Duty

The debutant also set the second-highest rookie performance of the season in the series against OpTic, setting a 1.59 K/D ratio throughout the three maps. 

Only Toronto's Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst has topped that with a stellar bout against Los Angeles Guerrillas at Major 2, reaching a figure of 1.69.

With some of the best talent that CoD has ever produced retiring in the early stage of this season, it's nice to know that the production line is leaving the scene in safe hands.

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