MW2 & Warzone fans hail Ghoulie camo as The Haunting gets easier

MW2 & Warzone fans hail Ghoulie camo as The Haunting gets easier
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Jack Marsh


25th Oct 2023 16:45

This year, Call of Duty isn't holding back and punches as they spar with the devilish Halloween season. 

The Haunting event is back and better than ever, with some stunning crossover skins leaving players quaking in their boots, or laughing at their ridiculousness (that fat creepy clown has us all howling as his belly jiggles through the map).

But there's also a massive exodus of free rewards to slay through, and the final one is finally here.

Call of Duty makes The Haunting Soul-capturing even easier

Those who have been fully immersing themselves in spooky season and really getting a thrill out of the chills and spills of this gory update will realise that getting souls towards The Haunting event can be quite the grind.

And this only got even more daunting when, on October 24, the final rewards were put on display, with fans needing 1000 souls to unlock the reactive Ghoulie camo.

However, Call of Duty has now made catching souls in Warzone much easier.

Taking to Twitter (X), the devs posted, "We’ve just released an update that increases the drop rate and match cap of Souls for the remainder of the Soul Capture event."

This means you can get many more luminous green pick-ups in Warzone that will count towards your tally, making it much easier to grind towards the final reward.

Call of Duty fans love the new Ghoulie special-event camo

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The final boss, the cherry on top of this slime-capped cake, is the Ghoulie camo, and if you thought that the rewards were mediocre beforehand, your opinion is now likely to change.

After being added on October 24, the camo has an aethereal purple and blue glow and a reactive green surge throughout, as if the souls that you have been capturing have been locked inside this hell and are trying to escape.

"Such a fire camo I’m glad they toned down the pink 'cause now you can see all the colours," said one fan on Twitter.

Another added, "SHEEEEEEEESH that camo HARD asf".

The camo will also carry over to Modern Warfare 3, as will the guns it is applicable to be used on, which comes as an added incentive to harvest those souls in the lead up to Halloween.

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