MW2 will end with a Dune Crossover to take us through to the new era

MW2 will end with a Dune Crossover to take us through to the new era

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Jack Marsh


31st Oct 2023 15:36

Modern Warfare 2 has brought back that feeling of CoD-nite to the community, where skin crossovers and mad weapon wraps have been over-populating the game, taking away from that essence of actual warfare.

But Activision doesn't appear to be slowing down the collab game ahead of a new era of Call of Duty.

Instead, Modern Warfare 2 is going down in a blaze of fire caused by desert heat itself, as a Dune crossover is marking the end of its time and will push us to a new galaxy of Call of Duty action.

Call of Duty set to release Dune crossover 

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This year, Activision has rolled out crossovers with Diablo, Doom, Hellsing, Spawn, Tomb Raider, The Boys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a wealth of global superstars in both the music and sports industries.

But to round off a wacky year, the developers have teamed with Dune to bring the interstellar troopers into Call of Duty.

The Dune x Call of Duty crossover is set to embark on November 1 and will be the final breath for Modern Warfare 2 as the next game releases the very next day; Modern Warfare 3 will take over on November 2 when the Early Release Campaign.

Early images of the skin imply that the Dune character is not a replica of Zendeya or Timothée Chalamet, and instead just a rather standard background character from the series akin to Star Wars' Stormtroopers.

Why is Call of Duty releasing a Dune Crossover the day before Modern Warfare 3?

This collaboration must have been some time in the making, as prior to the writer's strike in Hollywood, Dune: Part 2 was set to be released this week.

However, the film, like many others, has been delayed, but Call of Duty has decided not to have more patience on its trigger discipline and fired the collab onto our screens at the original date.

It's also worth noting that skins will transfer from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3 and all Warzone customisation features will continue as normal, meaning that the Dune bundle will be released on all three fronts.

So, if you fancy a more militant crossover, maybe in a more mil-sim approach, this might be the bundle that finally twists your ear. Or not, but it's cool nonetheless.

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