We’re finally getting the Modern Warfare 2 that we asked for in MW3 Season 1

We’re finally getting the Modern Warfare 2 that we asked for in MW3 Season 1

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Jack Marsh


16th Nov 2023 17:02

In what can either be described as a PR disaster in the waiting or a stroke of genius by Sledgehammer Games, the MW2 maps are on the way back to Modern Warfare 3.

Sledgehammer has already made a habit of marketing Modern Warfare 3 around features that Infinity Ward controversially left out of MW2, to great effect, even mocking the preceeding developer studio along the way.

But now Season 1 looks set to play homage to MW2, and we finally get to know how the game would have played if Infinity Ward chose to listen to the devoted fan base.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 appears to kick off throwback crossovers.. starting with MW2

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Reports have indicated that Modern Warfare 3's live-service model will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty by taking us back through time and having "throwback" seasonal content based on previous games. Already, an Advanced Warfare crossover has been leaked for Season 3, and CoD: 4 and Ghosts collabs have also been found in the game files.

But it looks like Season 1 will be dedicated to Modern Warfare 2 - the game we have just left behind.

Here, four Modern Warfare 2 maps will be added to the game, as leakers claim Crown Raceway, Mercado Las Almas, Farm 18, and Shoot Hosue will be added to a Modern Warfare II Moshpit playlist.

Modern Warfare 2 maps will finally give us the game we wanted


What's interesting about this is the fact that Modern Warfare 3 has already been compared to MW2 as a "DLC" of the other, with many fans claiming that most of the new features could have just been added in an update. 

But, we will finally get a Modern Warfare 2 experience with slide cancelling, Ninja (Dead Silence), and a high TTK, all of which were the obvious and vocalised omissions from MW2.

Some fans have wished that the better MW2 maps would have been included over the likes of Crown Raceway, with Breenbergh Hotel being the obvious omission.

Nonetheless, this looks like a war between Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward, and it's difficult to see both parties coming out smelling the roses here.

If Sledgehammer manages to make a better MW2 experience on these maps than Infinity Ward did, it might not go down as well with fans as they'd hope, who will be angry with a year wasted.

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