Tragic The Last Of Us Easter Egg Hiding In HBO Trailer

Tragic The Last Of Us Easter Egg Hiding In HBO Trailer
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Tom Chapman


27th Sep 2022 11:21

Things are "clicking" into place for Craig Mazin's The Last of Us series. The Chernobyl showrunner has the prestigious job of bringing Naughty Dog's survival horror to life on the small screen. Now that the first The Last of Us trailer has dropped, fans are poring over minute detail to look for nods to Neil Druckmann's game. 

Given that the show is based on the record-breaking 2013 game of the same name - and that plans for a The Last of Us movie fell into development hell - it means all eyes are on HBO. Easter eggs are all the rage these days (thanks Disney), so it should come as no surprise The Last of Us is already showcasing a few.

What Is The Tragic The Last Of Us Easter Egg?

Taking the lead for The Last of Us are Game of Thrones alumni Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. In the game, the unlikely pair are brought together in the year 2033 - where society has been decimated by the cordyceps infection. While Ellie has been born since the outbreak and could be the key to a cure, Joel had a happy life before things went south.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Joel's broken watch appears in The Last of Us trailer. For those who don't know the backstory, Joel was given the watch by his daughter, Sarah, for his birthday. We see a few flashbacks to the time of the outbreak, including a shot of Joel trying to carry Sarah to safety. Sadly, the opening of the game has Sarah shot by a soldier and dying in her father's arms.

It remains to be seen whether Sarah's live-action death will play out the same, but either way, don't expect her to be sticking around for long. Whether The Last of Us series opens with the outbreak and jumps forward or sporadically sprinkles Joel's backstory throughout, Sarah won't exactly be a major player in the cast. As an aside, viewers noted how we saw Joel's cracked watch in the trailer before we even saw Pascal's face.


Will There Be The Last Of Us Season 2?

Sarah Miller The Last Of Us
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Although we have our first trailer for The Last of Us, there's still no The Last of Us release date. We were previously warned it wouldn't be coming in 2022 (fair enough), but as for when it'll drop in 2023, HBO is keeping us in the dark for now. At least we know there will be a healthy 10-episode order for Season 1. Assuming that The Last of Us will be the network's next big Game of Thrones or Westworld, we're sure to get a multi-season order. 

It's likely the first 10 episodes will only cover a fraction of the first game, and let's not forget, there's also The Last of Us Part 2. Beyond that, we could easily see the show overtaking the games. Speaking to Fandom, Joel video game voice actor Troy Baker made a passing reference to "three or four seasons," but we'll have to wait and see whether this is HBO's next blockbuster or just another Netflix's Resident Evil

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