The Last Of Us Trailer Gives A First Look At HBO's Series

The Last Of Us Trailer Gives A First Look At HBO's Series
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Joseph Kime


26th Sep 2022 14:48

There's an awful lot riding on the upcoming The Last of Us series. The game series has proven itself to be among the very best narrative adventures that the industry can offer, let alone as one of the defining series in PlayStation's arsenal.

The story of Joel and Ellie - and its controversial follow-up - have become the stuff of legend since the story started ten years ago, so we're gearing up for these characters to come to life on the small screen in the shape of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. And now, we have our very first The Last of Us trailer for the series. Thank goodness for that.

The Last Of Us Gets Its First Trailer

It's about time. Finally, after months of waiting, HBO has revealed the first trailer for the new The Last of Us television series.

The announcement comes as part of celebrations for The Last of Us Day, or Outbreak Day as it used to be known. After only a few screenshots and cryptic teases, The Last of Us trailer drop has come as a relief to many fans.

To finally have a new look at Joel and Ellie in the series is a real treat, but words won't quite do it justice - so you can see the full trailer above. As the Cordyceps infection rips through the United States, we see the world fall apart with some serious The Walking Dead vibes.


What Is The Last Of Us Release Date?

So far, we know HBO's flashy series will be coming at some point in 2023. We haven't had a window announced just yet, but sit tight - now that there's a trailer, we may not have to wait much longer for it to be officially announced.

HBO has a lot of great TV under its belt, and it looks like The Last of Us could be about to enter their lineup as one of their best shows yet. Of course, it's wishful thinking. Anything less than perfection wouldn't do Ellie and Joel justice. So no pressure, HBO.

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