TMNT x Fortnite crossover teased by dataminers

TMNT x Fortnite crossover teased by dataminers
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31st Aug 2023 12:00

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are having their moment once again, and honestly, it's nice to see.

The latest movie did two things for Mikey, Donnie, Raph and Leo - it gave them a new art style to dance, fight and flip around in, offering a pretty fresh perspective on the Turtles, and it also reminded the world that they're meant to be teenagers, giving them young voice actors to capture their childlike attitudes. It's nice to see the turtles back in refined form in their early years before the video game adaptation of the comic book The Last Ronin to kick in some post-apocalyptic grimness.

And before that still could be a pretty charming crossover, too.

TMNT rumoured to touch down in Fortnite

A new leak has suggested that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could be using their new-found style to touch down in Fortnite soon.

The leak comes courtesy of leaksxdefiant and has been summarised neatly on Reddit, and they indicate that the collab could be much more than just a bunch of skins.

There are skins in the backend of the game codenamed FungusNinja which are thought to be related to the turtles, and the post also points towards the fact that there was once a sewer POI found on the Chapter 4 map that never came to the game, but its location has now been replaced by a pizza shop. That sounds pretty TMNT to us.

The file for FungusNinja is pretty small, so it's expected that the collab's cosmetic will be a single skin with multiple different edits.

TMNT could be bringing new perks

Along with the skins and potential changes to the map, the crossover could also be bringing perks, as along with the return of the consumable pizza, a perk called Ninja Training has also been discovered in the files.

All signs point to turtles, for sure, but we'll have to wait until the skin is officially revealed before we make any presumptions. The Fortnite dominion of pop culture continues.

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