The Sims meets GTA with Krafton’s InZOI

The Sims meets GTA with Krafton’s InZOI
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28th Nov 2023 10:58

Life simulation games are a dime a dozen these days, with The Sims now facing stiff competition from the likes of Paralives, Animal Crossing, Life by You, and more. We've come a long way from cruelly taking away the pool ladder and watching your Sims drown, and as life sim games get more realistic, it's getting a bit spooky.

First hitting the scene in 2000, the OG version of The Sims was fairly simplistic as you aimed to build your dream house, went off to work as a Slacker, and waved at the Goth Family next door. Simulation games have come a long way since, and now, InZOI merges our love of those blabbering Sims with the world of Grand Theft Auto.

InZOI is The Sims meets GTA 

While The Sims has always been a family-friendly outing to while away the hours, the hyperviolence of the GTA series has seen it in hot water with court cases and screams of, "Won't somebody think of the children?" Coming soon, InZOI looks like it could balance the best of both worlds as the most realistic sim yet.

We can't think of many pairings better than GTA meets The Sims, but then along comes InZOI. Although Krafton is largely known for PUBG Battlegrounds, it's trying something new here. Details on InZOI are thin on the ground, but the official site says you'll be able to "freely control the world like a god and make your ideal life a reality."

More than just dressing your playable character however you want, Director's Mode lets you control everything in their life. From a daily schedule to how the weather is today, InZOI really does let you play some omnipresent being. 

Whether it's stacking shelves at the supermarket, chilling in the local PC cafe, or working out at the gym, you can do it all - yes, that includes fighting fire. The trailer notes that InZOI is a work in progress, but if it looks anything like the first peek, The Sims had better watch its back. 

InZOI could be big competition for The Sims

InZOI The Sims meets GTA
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Unfortunately, the Unreal Engine 5 graphics aren't sitting well with all of you. In the comments, some have aired their concerns that InZOI is a little uncanny valley, heading into that creepy territory of looking too realistic but just a bit off.

One critic said, "Looks amazing and soulless at the same time. Not sure what to think." Others were more optimistic, with someone saying, "I hope The Sims team are sweating from this. We need more competition in the life sim genre." 

A third said, "Damn, this game is a dream come true. I've been craving for a new life-sim game ever since The Sims went to sh*t. Definitely keeping my eye on this one and hoping it comes to consoles as well." A fourth concluded, "Makes the sims 4 look like a mobile game from 2007."

In an internal interview, Producer Hyungjun Kim explained you take the roll of an intern who manages the lives of the ZOI. Weirdly, the cat from the trailer is the company boss. Krafton hasn't announced a release date for InZOI yet, and by the looks of it, it's in very early development. Still, you can consider our interest piqued. 

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