The Sims 4 Is Getting A Werewolf Expansion

The Sims 4 Is Getting A Werewolf Expansion

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Tom Chapman


5th May 2022 11:02

If you're hungry like the wolf, Maxis is here to satisfy your munchies for the macabre, as a Halloween-themed expansion pack is on the way... in the middle of summer. Even as some of us look ahead at the mythical The Sims 5, developers are still keen to keep us parting with our Simoleons.

Since The Sims 4 released in 2014, we've seen the base game be expanded with everything from pets to magic, seasons to a baffling Star Wars crossovers. Going full feral and howling at the moon, the latest addition to The Sims 4 brings werewolves to the neighbourhood. What will the Goth family say?

Why Are Werewolves Coming To The Sims 4?

Back in 2017, The Sims 4 released its fan-favourite Vampires pack, which let you transform into those pale ghouls and suck the life-force out of your neighbours. Posting on the official Sims Twitter, Maxis confirmed one game pack and two kits for May and June this year.

Being told you'll be able to "seize the night," the short teaser features a generic Sim flicking through the channels. As well as a brief image of a full moon, we hear a wolf howl off-screen, so you don't need Sherlock Holmes to tell you this is an upcoming werewolf expansion for The Sims 4

All of this fits with the idea that the game pack will be called Go Wild and let you explore your animal instincts. We've missed werewolves in The Sims 4, especially as they've been a staple of the series since they were first introduced with the OG game's final expansion, Makin' Magic. It's only taken eight years to conjure them into The Sims 4


What's Next For The Sims 4?

Adding werewolves is all well and good for werewolf representation, but it's sure to rattle the cages of angry fans that still think the simulation series is seriously lacking in diversity. The Sims has been repeatedly called out for a lack of race options, and more recently, was accused of whitewashing. Added to this, there have been calls for disabled representation - which is something the team has said it will look into.

When The Sims 5 eventually releases, here's hoping the long-running franchise can move with the times to add a whole rainbow of skin tones alongside a spectrum of representations. Then again, considering The Sims 4 was banned in Russia due to a gay marriage pack, it's clear the clock might be running a little slower in some places.

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