Margot Robbie reportedly attached to The Sims movie

Margot Robbie reportedly attached to The Sims movie
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Tom Chapman


21st Mar 2024 10:23

It looks like Tinsel Town is picking up its controllers once again, and as we continue to dig deep into the depths of video game adaptation, a movie based on Maxis' The Sims could be next on the docket. Better yet, The Sims movie has apparently nabbed some impressive talent behind the camera.

We're facing a welcome video game renaissance on the small and silver screen, with 2023 offering up record-breaking outings like The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Five Nights at Freddy's. Looking to the future, everything from God of War to Ghost of Tsushima, Until Dawn to Mass Effect are on the way - soon to be joined by The Sims.

Margot Robbie reportedly working on The Sims movie

The Sims Get Famous expansion mansion
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Image via Maxis

After rumours started swirling, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed a movie based on Maxis' The Sims is on the horizon. The real coup is that Margot Robbie is attached in the form of her LuckyChap production company. Loki's Kate Herron is tipped to direct, writing the script alongside Briony Redman.

Herron and Redman are something of a dynamic duo, having recently penned episodes of the Ncuti Gatwa-led season of Doctor Who. As for Robbie, LuckyChap is still basking in the success of Greta Gerwig's Barbie and is a hot commodity right now.

There's no word on whether Robbie herself will star, but after leading Barbie, landing her would be another big win. The Sims movie will reportedly include creative input from Electonic Arts, while Vertigo Entertainment's Lee and Miri Yoon will also help produce. 

The Sims just needs to follow in Barbie's footsteps

Barbie Movie Dua Lipa dance
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We'll admit we were sceptical about the idea of a Barbie movie, but boy were we wrong. Turning out to be an equally comedic and tragic tale, Gerwig delivered a poignant story about feminism and power - largely without rattling internet bros. The Sims movie would be wise to at least give Barbie a rewatch. 

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, both Barbie and The Sims share no real narrative and involve someone being controlled by some omnipotent force. We're reminded of Shawn Levy's Free Guy or the abysmal Gamer from 2009, which both seemed to take influences from The Sims. 

This isn't the first time a movie based on The Sims has been floated, and back in 2007, 20th Century Fox was working on a live-action outing. When Disney bought the studio, The Sims was scrapped alongside planned Magic The Gathering and Mega Man projects. 

It's interesting that there's no word on whether The Sims movie will be animated or live-action, but after seeing what Barbie can do, we hope it's the latter. With a boom in video game movies and ongoing love of The Sims 24 years after its debut, landing a role in Herron's movie is sure to be the hottest ticket in town. Now, we just need to watch the Simoleons roll in. 

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