The Sims 5 Screenshots Leak Online

The Sims 5 Screenshots Leak Online
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Tom Chapman


11th Nov 2022 16:18

Who'd have thought building houses and decorating them could be so fun? It's been 22 years since Maxis released The Sims, and with four mainline titles under our belt, we can't wait to play God all over again with a new-gen version of The Sims 5

While the mundane life of sending your Sims to work, spending their money on lamps, and then having it burgled before the house burns down could've run out of steam, the series continues. The future of the franchise is here, as the first leaked screenshots from The Sims 5 playtests have made their way online.

What The Sims 5 Screenshots Are Online?

Although we always knew The Sims 5 was on the way, it was finally confirmed at October's Behind the Sims Summit. Going under the codename "Project Rene," we've been warned The Sims 5 is still a long way off. Don't worry though, we're sure there are plenty of The Sims 4 expansions to milk the cash cow. Have we been to space yet? Oh yeah, the Star Wars crossover.

Over on Reddit, someone has started posting screenshots of the pre-alpha The Sims 5 build. It's been compiled as a series of blurry screenshots that don't give too much away. Surprise, surprise, you get to buy furniture and rotate it like you would in real life. What we are promised, though, is a wider array of customisation. Just like you could tweak the fabric of a cushion or exactly how it's placed in real life, The Sims 5 will do the same.

The OP has since deleted their Reddit account, but given what we saw from the official Project Rene reveal, these look like they're the real deal. Impressively, there's incredible attention to detail here. From the look of the city neighbourhood, too, it's a far cry from the blocks days of living next to the Goth Family. If EA doesn't give us a new-gen Sim City after this, it definitely should.

Fans React To The Sims 5 Reveal

Assuming these leaks are real, players are pretty impressed by what they've seen so far. Hyping the eventual release of The Sims 5, one fan cheered, "The open world and customizability of 3 with the visual appeal of 4. If it has the lore of 2 it will be perfect!" Another gushed, "I like the contemporary furniture and how lived-in it looks. If the base game came with apartments, that would be amazing. Love the European vibes too."

A third concluded, "I think it looks awesome but I hope they're going to focus also on open world, more realistic interactions and bring something NEW to the table." There were obvious critics who didn't understand it's only an early game build. Looking at how much The Sims 4 changed from early playthroughs, the eventual release of The Sims 5 will likely be different to what we see here. Complainers couldn't decide whether it was too cartoony or too realistic. Maxis, you're never going to be able to win. 

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