Life By You looks like even better than The Sims

Life By You looks like even better than The Sims
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Joseph Kime


7th Mar 2023 15:43

The life simulator market has always been cornered by The Sims, and for good reason. The life simulator's mechanics are iconic and have defined the entire genre without any meaningful contest.

But, EA has taken advantage of that over the years by implementing features that fans begged for, then locked them behind DLC paywalls, forcing players to shell out repeatedly to play a full game.

DLCs are commonplace in gaming, but EA pushes the boat out - and with a monopoly on the life sim, it's The Sims' kingdom. Now, its domination of the genre could be about to end.

Life By You could be the next The Sims

A new collection of announcements have dropped courtesy of Paradox's new showcase, and alongside the likes of Cities Skylines 2 and The Lamplighters League comes a new life sim called Life By You.

Billed as a brand-new Sims-alike (yes, we're making that a thing), it could threaten Maxis' series as the next best thing. Paradox seems to have a habit of doing this, what with many players opting to choose Cities Skylines over SimCity, and there's every chance the developer could swing for the fences again.

The Life By You trailer gives fans a look at the title's building tools and follows people as they drive around a world that feels far more open than that of The Sims. The game looks like a treat for fans of the life sim genre, well, as long as they're able to disconnect from what they're used to in EA's game.

Does Life By You have a release date?

We're not entirely sure when Life By You will be coming, but thankfully, Paradox has let fans know that there's plenty more info about the game on the way.

The company has confirmed it will announce more details about Life By You on March 20, so you have plenty of time to soak up the trailer and gear up for a whole new experience that EA has cornered for maybe too long.

It's been a long time coming, but the era of The Sims' reign could be over - or at the very least, the team might pull its fingers out when it comes to updating the game. As we wait for more details about the long-awaited The Sims 5, both circumstances are pretty attractive.

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